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Commercial Kitchen Must Have Features and Appliances and best restaurant flooring

Compliments to The Ambience With The Best Flooring for A Restaurant

September 2, 2020

Restaurant flooring is more important than you might think. Not only when it comes to being hygienic and functional, but it should also evoke the right ambience you want to portray to your customers. When people are visiting a restaurant, they want to escape the responsibilities of their own households...

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Best flooring for hospitals and health care facilities per room

Flooring Made to Endure the Acute Demands of Hospitals and Health Facilities

August 31, 2020

When it comes to choosing the correct hospital flooring, there are various factors to consider. It goes without saying that hygiene is probably the most important feature you are looking for. Other things to consider include durability or heavy wear for all the foot traffic and demands it has to...

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Pre-Moving Day Upgrades to Consider

Just Bought a House? Pre-Moving Day Upgrades to Consider

July 24, 2020

Buying a house is an exciting event for anyone, and once the paperwork is complete you’ll be desperate to move in. But hold up – it may be worth making some key improvements before you make the move. Unless you’ve bought a new property, there are lots of potential improvements...

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Key Security Features to Consider in WA

Stay Safe at Home: Key Security Features to Consider in WA

July 24, 2020

If you want to sleep peacefully at night, you need to know that you and your family are safe from harm. And while break-ins are not something you want to think about, security is a big consideration for any homeowner. According to WA police crime statistics, there have been between...

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What Are Carpet Tiles and Where Can You Use Them

June 23, 2020

If you’ve landed on this page, it means you’re either in the market for flooring for your new home or looking to replace the old, and we get it, it’s confusing stuff right? There are so many different types of flooring options available. From luxury vinyl and genuine hardwood flooring,...

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