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August 14, 2019

7 questions before choosing your office space - looking pretty isn't good enough!

Whether you’re a startup agency, boutique, or a large business, choosing the right office space requires a lot of careful planning, and it involves asking the right questions.

There’s a lot to consider, from identifying how much space you need now and in the near future, what facilities are available, the cost and length of the lease, and let’s not forget — what’s the view like? Location can play a huge role in your day to day operations and employee productivity.

To help make your decision easier, here are the questions you should be asking before choosing an office space.

1. How’s the location?

One of the most important aspects to consider before choosing an office space is the location, but what makes a location desirable? An ideal location is a convenient one, this means easily accessible by public transport and provide ample parking space for the team, customers and clients who are visiting.

Don’t forget to consider what’s in the area, look out for coffee shops and food choices nearby, we don’t want employees disappearing for an hour because they had to walk 30 minutes to get coffee. 

To top it off, an after-work bar for some Friday arvo drinks and maybe a gym for those who still have time to workout. Another thing to consider is your competitors and partners in the area, you don’t want to create any additional competition but you also don’t want to rule yourself out.


2. Is there enough parking?

What’s one of the biggest factors when it comes to our day to day? Convenience. We are always searching for the fastest and most optimal route to work. If a client has to drive around for 15 minutes to find parking and then pay a fee, this can have a negative impact on your business.

Apart from onsite parking, consider nearby parking complexes for clients, visitors and employees, and don’t forget about cyclists.


3. Can you afford it?

Searching for a desirable location with ample parking space is fine and all but it has to be within your budget. Price is an underlying factor that will ultimately affect your final decision, no matter how much you love the view and space, if you can’t afford it that’s the end of that. 

Can you afford a three-month rent deposit right now?

Take the time to carefully calculate your budget, make sure to find out if there are any hidden costs and exactly what is included in the final offer. For example, will you be responsible for repairs and maintenance, insurance obligations and running costs?

Always do your research and compare prices with other offices in the area to ensure you get the best possible price.

4. Does it support future growth?

While it can be difficult to know exactly how much room your business will need in the future, looking for an office space that has room to grow is vital for your business. Identify your company goals and make a calculated guess on how much space your going to need, making sure it’s relative to your lease time.

There’s no point renting an entire building for 6 months if you only have two employees and yourself, or selecting an office space that’s at max capacity after one new hire. Choose an office space that’s in line with your present and future company goals.

5. Is the design aligned with your brand?

Unless you’re an online-only store, think about how your office space will represent your brand, the design factor will have an impact on your overall brand image and reputation in the market. 

It is important to think of both functionality and visual appeal, as it is a place of business but also a place where employees will spend 38 hours of their week, so it needs to be comfortable as well as professional. 

Consider whether you want to start with a fresh palette and design your own space, or find a fully kitted out office that you can integrate into. Your office space should show off your company’s personality, maximise efficiency and encourage positivity.

6. Does it provide infrastructure for both private and collaborative work?


Open spaces are the trend but they tend to become overbearing if some members of your team need to call, meet or discuss ideas with others on a regular basis. Make sure the space you choose has enough meeting rooms to get the collaborative work done away from the people who are working quietly on their desktop.

Flooring, walls and furniture have an impact on how the noise travels in an office so have a look at this article to help you reduce noise at work.

 7. Can you tear it up?

And yes we mean this literally. If the office space ticks all the boxes mentioned above but you are not happy with it’s interior as it doesn’t match up with your brand, find out if and what you can and can’t upgrade. 

It could be as simple as giving it a fresh lick of paint, or as physical as tearing up the old carpet and installing commercial grade carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are easy to maintain, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and a tile can simply be replaced if damaged beyond repair. 

You may even want to consider adding in a green wall, which has been proven to increase productivity, improve health and wellness, and reduce absenteeism. 


8. What facilities are available?

Quite often, large commercial office buildings will offer enticing facilities that you may not necessarily need or want, so it’s important to focus on what your business needs. This can include shared meeting spaces, cafes, outdoor areas, gyms, daycares, public wifi, and free group exercise classes. 

Of course, having access to all these services and facilities conveniently in the building makes the workday much smoother and positive for the team, just remember to factor in your budget.

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