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July 6, 2017

Contemporary Commercial Flooring Design

Contemporary. It’s the now. It is like the Spring of our seasons; crisp, open, clean and liberated. Contemporary flooring designs, in particular, should emit a glow of light-filled space and air. Imagine magical particles of light performing a tap dance on your floor, they need some freedom so they can sparkle.

There are many factors you should take into consideration when you’re on the hunt for some contemporary flooring design ideas. Commercial flooring especially should welcome people in with an inviting radiance. Grab the attention from your clients the minute they walk through your door. A lasting first impression is always a good thing for business.

Who actually thought that flooring was so important to business, right? How can you go about creating some clever flooring art? What floors will work best for your business?

Below, we have highlighted some interesting flooring trends and ideas that might add some inspiration and help to make your building sparkle.

One word: Vinyl

Now don’t start shaking your head thinking that is so 1980s. Vinyl has come a long way since the dawn of the Back to the Future movie regime. Nowadays, it features genuine looking grains and textures and can furnish the look of real timber at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl flooring can also mimic the look of stone tiles too. 

Vinyl flooring can be floated over existing floors making the installation process a lot smoother and streamlined for those with limited time. It is also waterproof, easy to care for and fare really well with high traffic – These features explain why businesses pick commercial vinyl flooring over other options.  

If you’re not onboard the vinyl train yet, it’s probably time to start saving up for that ticket.

Now, let’s look at getting the colours right.

Grey is the new black of flooring:

Refined and unpretentious. A palette making use of an elegant mix of warm and cool greys radiates sophistication. These hues are easily combined with other factors like cabinetry, fixtures and fittings as well. Steel grey, charcoal, grey that is just a slice off white, are all part of the family and anything can look well muddled with grey.

Hamptons inspired:

Hamptons style has become quite the rage of late. This trend consists of interiors influenced by lifestyles of the rich and the famous and their ritzy summer hideaways. Its a fresh, classic look that manifests from a base of soothing white into a cool, coastal vibe. Flecks of colours from nature, chick patterns and clean lines are all included in the Hamptons design palette.

Deck your office and front of the house with the ease of Hamptons inspiration. Its a simple style that can be easily expanded on too when the need for more is called upon again.

Now, start to think outside that box a little.

Keep it interesting

Moving away from wearisome plain carpets and standard tiling, corporates are looking to shake things up a little. Spaces are being created inside offices with trendy meeting rooms and staff ˜think tank areas. The combination of carpeted areas adjacent to smoother flooring finishes marks zones within a single room.

Look at your entry space. Is there an opportunity to create a work of flooring art right there at the doorstep? Nothing screams welcome to an inventive, modern, fresh business more than making a statement right there at the get-go. Try combining some vinyl floor tiles with other styles like some wood-look vinyl or polished concrete. Or mix up multiple vinyl designs and colours.

Make a statement

Who said you need to use carpet with carpet, or vinyl with vinyl? Mixing up the two can help to define spaces within spaces and add some feature pieces to your floor.

Depending on the type of business you are in, having fun with colour can also be an inviting change. Playing with colours that wouldn’t usually work together is a refreshing take on decor.

These ideas are full of inspiration. However, there really is no limit or restrictions to contemporary flooring ideas. Contemporary is today’s take on all things fresh and clean.

You can have plenty of fun with your commercial flooring options so get out there and get your creative on! Check out our website for all our flooring offerings.