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June 8, 2018


Tips to make your office environmentally friendly

The urge to make the world a greener place has become more apparent over the years as the levels of plastic begins to increase in our oceans. I am sure we play our part at home by recycling where we can and taking the greener option where applicable, whether it is solar or reusable bags. However, apart from our homes, most of us also spend a majority of our day at work in the office where we are more concerned about what’s for lunch rather than how we dispose of that empty milk bottle.  It’s the little things that count and we aren’t necessarily asking you to make drastic changes but here are some simple steps to make your office more eco-friendly:


Office supplies

A good place to begin would be replacing your office supplies with eco-friendly products, this is a fast and easy approach, and does not require you to make any huge changes to your office environment. Here is a list of green supplies if you are unsure on where to start:

  • Refillable pens make it easier to keep track of how many pens are used and are simply refilled with ink.
  • Post-consumer waste (PCW) is paper made entirely from recycled paper and costs 45 percent less energy to create and uses half the traditional papermaking process.
  • Biodegradable cleaning products ensures that you are not washing down any nasty toxins or chemicals down the sink and into our environment.
  • Energy efficient bulbs usually have a higher initial cost but last a lot longer and use less energy. They can come in LED or compact-fluorescent form.


Furniture & White Goods

It may seem like a costly and drastic move when thinking about what furniture you need to replace but there is more to it. Before throwing it out think about what materials can be replaced, refurbishing your furniture is not only cost effective but also better for the environment.



There are a number of great eco-friendly flooring types available that are not only cost-effective but aesthetically pleasing. You may want to consider cork or linoleum which are made from renewable sources and materials such as oak tree bark, linseed oil and tree resins. If you are unsure on what eco-friendly flooring is best suited for your space it is always a good idea to consult the professionals.



There are a number of ways to go green and save on costs when it comes to energy. First off, run an energy audit to find out if they are any electrical leaks. Check all electrical appliances to see what their energy star label rating is to give you an indication of whether the product needs replacing. The rating will allow you to assess the products energy and cash requirements over time. Ensure that you recycle any appliances that need replacing, click here if you are unsure of where to recycle electrical appliances. You may also want to consider renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, and if applicable geothermal and hydropower.


Setup Environmental Management System

You can use the EMS tool in conjunction with your energy audit to help manage your current and future environmental impact. What to include in your EMS:

  • Identify environmental impacts of your business
  • Setting your environmental objectives and targets, in line with your business
  • Outline your operational and emergency procedures related to environmental matters
  • Areas for ongoing improvement



What has your business done to support a greener future? It is time to commit to digitisation, or print using pre-programmed settings in black and white and double sided pages, and or create a rewards program for staff engaging a greener future, whatever it is, the time is now. With these quick and simple tips, your business can contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.