Carpet Roll

January 17, 2019


In 2018, the office space as we once knew was on the cusp of innovation, with new creative trends emerging to improve our workplaces. Designers were focused on creating office spaces that concentrated more on the employee as well as customer happiness – happy employees equals happy customers. In this post, we discuss what office designs are currently trending in 2019 and some valuable tips on how to achieve them.


Macro Trends

Flux co-working space – Perth

Experience-driven spaces

This trend was about giving your employees a direct experience whilst in the office in a bid to increase overall wellness, happiness and morale. By encouraging community-building, it allowed all employees from the interns through to the top executives to come together and make it a part of their everyday lives to reduce stress and strengthen office relations. Some examples of experience-driven spaces include:

  • Gyms
  • Yoga and meditation areas
  • Indoor and outdoor gaming areas
  • Virtual reality room
  • Expresso and cocktail bars
  • Massage therapy

Free-range cohabitation spaces

Coworking spaces were a major breakthrough in 2018 by effectively increasing overall performance and productivity. It encouragesface-to-face interaction and less online exchanges by promoting the sharing ofideas and interaction between different departments and companies. The trendwas originally used in small tech start-ups located in Silicon Valley, whichinvolved removing the walls so that cohabitation spaces were created to allowfor collaboration, sharing of space and resources. The core design features ofthis trend were to maximise collaboration, efficiency, flexibility, creativityand innovation.  Here are some designs to consider for a free-range workplace:

  • Open-plan office
  • Alternative creative spaces
  • Plants and greenery
  • Glass partitions and portable dividers
  • Coffee and expresso stations
  • Multipurpose work areas
  • Plenty of open desk spaces
  • Comfortable couches and lightweight chairs that are easy to move

A modern touch

On the rise in 2018 was a design trend that featured a touch of modernism and sophistication to old and rustic buildings. It is the perfect blend of character, history and adaptation of new trends to give older buildings a second chance and create a well-balanced environment of new and old. In 2019 the trend continues to evolve, here are some design features:

  • Modern furniture and office equipment
  • Preserved old-world craftsmanship
  • Glass and metals
  • Exposed raw brickwork
  • Antique décor
  • Classic architecture and interior design

Biophilic future

Starting off as a trend, biophilic design was a wayfor us to integrate nature into our architectural framework and utilise live plants, earthy textures and colours, natural lighting and ventilation to create a more natural work environment. In 2019 we have come to realise and accept that biophilic design is not just a trend but the way to a sustainable future as we continue to evolve interior frameworks. Tips to create a biophilic office space:

  • Lots of indoor plants and trees
  • Use of natural materials such as wood and stone
  • Organic shapes and biomorphic forms
  • Adequate natural lighting
  • High quality ventilation and thermal comfort
  • Living green walls
  • Visual connections to nature

Your office building must also hold WELL, FitWel and LEED certifications.

Micro Trends

Moss walls

A micro trend to keep an eye out for in 2019 are moss walls. Their popularity is expected to grow because of how they can enhance an office’s connection with nature, adding to that biophilic design. Moss walls are extremely versatile, low maintenance and are cost effective, making them the perfect fit for office walls, brand signage, and used in event spaces.

Abstract & geometric patterning

Claisebrook Design Community – Perth

The use of colourful abstract patterns and geometric shapes in office spaces including kitchens, break rooms, reception and creative spaces. This micro trend is designed to transform the office space to give it more personality and encourage creativity.