Carpet Roll

May 15, 2016

Choosing floor coverings for your commercial space is best done by considering the usage first. Different spaces place different demands on flooring and in the commercial realm, cost and durability are often driving factors, while style and design play a smaller, but still important role. Lets take a look at flooring for offices, shop spaces and work and storage areas.




Flooring in Your Office Space Should Consider Your Clientele

A lot depends on who is invited in when selecting the right flooring for an office space. Will you be entertaining high profile clients? Or is your traffic more of the industrial nature?

  • For the penthouse suite, combine hard and soft surfaces, such as tile with carpet inlays, or wood flooring, with rugs. Both create a lot of visual interest and texture for a more sophisticated decor. If you are already put off by the idea of a real wood floor because of its stiff price, you can consider options such as wood-look vinyl flooring for your business. It can imitate the timber look and feel with a few additional perks like being an affordable option and waterproof.
  • If your office is of the professional variety, like a doctors waiting room or showroom, hard wearing short nap commercial carpet is a good choice. It muffles sound, is very durable and comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to set just the right tone.
  • Vinyl flooring for industrial spaces or polished concrete are options to consider as these hard types of floor coverings are better suited for high traffic. To make the place feels comfortable combine with softer flooring options such as carpet tiles or broadloom carpet for halls, break rooms and offices.


Retail Space Flooring Should be Designed to Work Hard

The goods and services you sell may indicate your flooring needs. If your store is high traffic, choose for wear, for an upscale boutique, make sure style comes into play, and for smaller shops anything goes.

  • In large commercial, or industrial stores, rugged vinyl roll flooring, tiles, or even planks are a good option. They are waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
  • In a more upscale boutique environment, either elegant wood floors, or plush carpeting can set the opulent tone your customers expect.
  • In smaller, bespoke shops that cater to a smaller clientele, most floors will work well. Remember that sound can be a big factor in ambience, especially in smaller spaces. Choose carpeting for quiet and intimate, or hard surface to make a space feel larger.


Still haven’t made your mind? Read our blog posts on the floor maintainenance ranking and general pros and cons for various types of flooring commonly used in commercial settings.

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