Carpet Roll

February 21, 2018


Trying to decide what is the best office flooring for your space is like trying to decide what colour paint you’d like for your house. With such a huge range on the market and all with different characteristics, it can be quite a complicated and time consuming process. Types of flooring can differentiate depending on foot traffic, room designs, budget and maintenance.


We have ranked the following flooring types from easiest to maintain to the hardest so you can make an informed decision.


Commercial Vinyl Floors

Also used for high traffic areas, vinyl flooring in commercial settings is quite easy to maintain. The flooring is also water-resistant, making it a great option for kitchen areas. Maintenance of vinyl flooring requires regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove any dust or dirt. Regular mopping with a neutral detergent to keep the vinyl clean. With these preventative measures put in place we can ensure the vinyl does not become dull or discoloured. In cases where furniture must be moved, do not drag; simply place a piece of timber underneath before moving to avoid denting the vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring 02


Commercial Carpet Floors

A more common choice of flooring amongst offices, carpet tile flooring is extremely versatile and moderately easy to clean. Unlike its opponents listed above, carpet flooring requires a little more maintenance but on the upside, is budget friendly. Carpet flooring provides sound proofing, a warm soft feel to the room and is suitable for medium foot traffic. The benefits of using carpet tiling within offices allow users to simply remove single damaged tiles and replace with a new one. 




Commercial Concrete Floors

Concrete floors may not be for everybody as it entirely depends on your office space that you have. Concrete flooring is extremely durable, can withstand high foot traffic and is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean. Once again regular maintenance is required but is relatively easy, a simple dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and dirt particles followed by a neutral pH detergent to remove any stains or grease. To ensure longevity of the concrete flooring, a bi-monthly waxing will help keep the stains and spills from reaching beneath the surface.



Commercial Hardwood Floors

It is the most aesthetically pleasing floor type but requires the most maintenance. Although being able to sustain a high traffic zone, hardwood flooring is more susceptible to damage. Being a porous material, hardwood needs sealants or finishes applied regularly (at least twice a year) to prevent any liquid or dirt seeping through. As a preventative measure to prolong the life of hardwood flooring, ensure that it is regularly swept, mopped and air dried.




Choosing the right office flooring is essential to operating your business effectively and efficiently. No matter the floor type, regular maintenance will always be the key in preserving the longevity of your flooring. Plan out how you’d want to organise your office and then select the flooring based on its maintenance levels and foot traffic zones.


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