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July 11, 2018


Commercial flooring has changed. The traditional carpet square, while still being a popular choice, is now far from being the only flooring option for businesses. There are now a great many options available that tick all the right boxes, aesthetically pleasing, easily maintained, durable and resilient.  It’s been more common to come across wood-look vinyl floors in corporate spaces or even rubber, but the consistently reigning king of commercial flooring is polished concrete, and for many good reasons too.


Why does polished concrete make a good commercial floor?

Polished concrete is anything but dull. With an extensive variety of sealers and top coats now available, it has a surprisingly attractive and stylish finish. Polished concrete can suit any interior decor and works with all seasonal trends, providing a flexibility to allow your business to keep on trend, without the risk of clashing with the existing interior fit out and design. Overall, polished concrete is an extremely versatile way to ensure your commercial space is always looking up to date, without obvious markers or patterns which can date the look of your floor. Polished concrete is pleasing on the eye “ giving your commercial space a sophisticated and professional presence.

The light reflectivity on polished concrete floors is also a key selling point, as the light is absorbed and illuminates.  The high light reflectivity creates the illusion of a brighter, more open area. Not only does it add to the atmosphere of the space but as an added bonus, it can even reduce energy consumption as the need for artificial lighting is greatly reduced.

The versatility of polished concrete in commercial flooring extends beyond aesthetics though. Polished concrete offers something that no other flooring type can compete with – it works in all different types of commercial space. Other commercial flooring options, such as ceramic tiles and hardwood, are limited in that they suit select spaces only due to their limited durability. Meanwhile, polished concrete can work anywhere from warehouse flooring and retail spaces to kitchens and other wet areas, as it is more resistant to damage. This unique feature means that costs can be cut and the installation times are reduced, which is obviously a huge benefit to a business.


Choosing the correct commercial floor for your business:

When choosing durable commercial flooring, it’s important to consider the expected usage and environmental factors that may impact the long-term functionality of the flooring. Polished concrete proves to dominate these criteria with ease, as it’s a highly resilient flooring option for high impact usage, such as heavy foot traffic and machinery driving upon it. It’s scratch resistant, stain resistant, dirt resistant and tyre resistant. When comparing other flooring options, such as laminate or carpet, they prove to be more susceptible to visible damage and substantial damage which require additional attention and maintenance, which is less than ideal in a commercial space.

Other commercial flooring options may be impacted by varying environmental factors such as high humidity and wet climates, making them an expensive risk should they suffer any damage.  Polished concrete, on the other hand, is impervious to these factors and can withstand harsh environments.  

All commercial flooring typically has a high initial cost, however polished concrete is generally easier on the pocket to start with. For commercial spaces with an existing visible concrete slab, the initial cost is only the polishing and finish. Polished concrete also proves to be easier to maintain in the long run, only requiring a standard broom and damp mopping, with no need for specialised floor cleaning equipment or chemicals. With most finishes having an expected lifespan of 10 years, polished concrete is both durable and economically sensible.

Polished flooring it not without faults though. For instance, the polished surface reverberates sound. This can make the commercial space louder than it necessarily is. Of course, this can also be mitigated with the addition of rugs and soft furnishings, however it still worth considering if you require your space to be on the quieter side. Another issue that may arrive is the potential slipperiness of polished concrete, especially during wet weather water is tracked inside. Again this is an issue that can be mitigated, however also worth considering.

All in all, when it comes to assessing commercial flooring options, it’s really easy to see why polished concrete is rapidly dominating and becoming the most popular choice. It has a beautiful finish and can give a space the sophisticated look. It’s affordable, both initially and in the long run, and most importantly it’s a resilient flooring option that is easy to maintain and care for.


How can Jupps help you?

Considering how popular this option is becoming, Jupps is now offering a concrete grinding and polishing service to make the most of your flooring. We have an extensive residential and commercial experience and always strive for a job well done.

Our teams in Port Hedland, Karratha and Geraldton are fully equipped and ready to take on any job you may have, no matter how challenging it may be.

Make the most of your concrete floor, giving it a new look and shine.  Contact us today to find out more about these services.


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