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September 14, 2018

Guisborough swimming pool wall cladding Altro Jupps

Becoming increasingly popular, luxury vinyl planks /luxury vinyl tiles or LVP/LVT for short, vinyl sheet or laminate can now be found in almost every new or used home either beneath your feet, on the exterior or even used as a feature wall.

Replacing traditional methods like timber, cement or tiles – vinyl comes as a versatile, cost-effective and easy to clean option making it the favoured choice.

Vinyl has even started to enter the commercial market where more and more businesses are opting for vinyl wall cladding.

Here are some reasons why the commercial industry has taken a liking to vinyl wall cladding.


Vinyl wall cladding benefits


Vinyl wall cladding is extremely durable and is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, warping, cracking and stains making it ideal in almost any environment. It durability feature brings the cost-effective along with it as it requires less upkeep than other material like tiles.

Easy to clean

The surface is perfectly smoothed making it very easy to clean by simply wiping it down with a microfibre cloth and minor cleaning agents. Being resistant to almost anything vinyl wall cladding requires very little maintenance.

Low cost

In comparison to other materials like timber, plaster or cement, vinyl wall cladding comes as an inexpensive option coupled with reduced maintenance and increased durability.


Focusing on a greener future, vinyl wall cladding is made from almost 60% chlorine – from salt, creating a more sustainable future. Most of the wastage during the manufacturing process can actually be reused once again for a new process.

No shedding

As the surface does not require to be painted there is no deterioration of paint or plasterwork over time. This also means the surface does not need to be repainted.


Some of our suppliers like Altro, offer a wide range of styles. From plain whites options to bespoke walls and several finishes available, wall cladding can bring personality and life to any space.

ZwanzigZehn Bürgers Restaurant & Bar Wall Cladding Jupps

Guisborough swimming pool wall cladding Altro Jupps

Who’s onboard?

The features of vinyl wall cladding make it a frontrunner in the commercial industries such as hospitality, health care and education where hygiene is high priority. Being a cost effective, low maintenance and easy to clean surface, vinyl wall cladding is most beneficial in environments including, kitchens, schools and hospitals.

Our Jupps commercial team has installed vinyl up walls for some well known WA institutions such as the Joondalup Health Campus and the Karratha GP Superclinic.


Karratha-HealthCare-Wall Cladding


If you are interested in wall cladding and are unsure where to start then contact Jupps Flooring and speak to the commercial branch staff who can advise on how to get started and manage the installation.