December 6, 2021

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Updating your office environment does not have to be dramatic, costly, or even time-consuming. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or an entire transformation altogether, a predominant part of updating your office would be to look at the flooring.

Reasons to update your office flooring 

Just like any other interior element, flooring can get damaged and worn out over time. This can include instances of carpet tiles coming unstuck from the concrete slab or their sides fraying, vinyl flooring peeling or even the swelling of vinyl planks due to water damage. 

Either to make a lasting impression on your commercial space, or create a new feel and look for the comforts of your clients or even yourself, we have prepared three key reasons why you should consider updating your office flooring: 

1. Health

It is no surprise that older flooring tends to harbour more allergies and harmful bacteria such as mould, dust, and mildew that can lead to potential illnesses. They may seem small and undetectable but can prove to be a hassle when everyone starts falling ill. Installing a new commercial floor covering can help remove the chances of such happenings and provide a safer and healthy environment for all who visit and work.

2. Style

Commercial flooring styles tend to change over time but some remain timeless, creating an office space like no other. Upgrading older, out-to-date floorings with modern commercial floor coverings is a simple, subtle way to help create a whole new look and feel.

3. Functionality

We know that workspaces change all the time. Some days, there would be high traffic while on others, not so much. This is where the functionality of your office flooring comes into play. Would you prioritise one that has higher durability or one that absorbs heavy foot traffic? By choosing the best flooring option, you get to determine your office environment.

What to consider when choosing office floor covering

1. Brand Image

Setting the tone of your office does not have to be an extravagant statement, but a simple shift in your flooring style can help reflect your brand’s values to both new and old clients. The various types of floor coverings will determine how casual, trendy, or official your brand is. Ultimately, it communicates a subliminal message to all who walk in. 

2. Maintenance 

When you’re halfway through an extensive flooring makeover, the last thing you would want to think about is the cost of maintaining them. Whether the cost is time or money, this is a major factor to consider before selecting your ideal floor covering. 

Over time, stains, scratches, dents, or as mentioned, prolonged water damage are natural occurrences to any sort of flooring. It’s either you opt for a high or low maintenance option that best suits your office space. For example, vinyl flooring is more durable than carpet as they are well-suited for offices with heavier traffic. 

3. Budget

Another important factor would be to know your budget. It is essential to calculate the exact space dimensions and opt for flooring that fits within the set budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of flooring options that mimic similar textures, colours, and even the finishes of natural flooring with affordable pricing. Although vinyl and carpet flooring options are inexpensive, some styles and finishes do have higher price points. 

4. Climate

Depending on where your office space is situated, you must take your weather and location into account. Oftentimes, this may be overlooked but temperature and location do play a part in the durability of your flooring. Say, offices in the colder regions would be better off with a carpeted floor to insulate heat, while naturally warmer office spaces would opt for tiles or vinyl to keep cool.

5. Foot Traffic 

From a bustling, happening office to a quiet, quaint firm, it’s best to ensure that your flooring will suit your everyday needs. For offices that usually have higher foot traffic, it’s best recommended to opt for a sleek, vinyl floor covering. 

If one were to opt for a carpeted floor instead, they might be faced with faster wear and tear that requires more maintenance than usual. Although, they are a great option for smaller spaces with less foot traffic such as meeting rooms.

Here are some commercial flooring options you may want to consider:

  • Vinyl Tiles and Planks are versatile while being low maintenance as they are waterproof and durable. Their smooth finish helps provide a polished, aesthetically pleasing outlook to your entire space. 
  • Carpet Tiles are a cost-effective floor covering and great for noise reduction that also provides a mix and match finish. Over time, they result in lower ongoing maintenance costs as you can replace them individually rather than having to remove an entire section. 
  • Broadloom Carpet not only creates a lasting impression on clients and employees alike but creates an inviting and productive environment for all. It effectively reduces ongoing noises that typically happen in an office setting such as printers or phone calls. 
  • Concrete Grinding & Polishing are the best options for offices with high traffic due to their versatility and durability. This particular commercial flooring has been the ideal option, suiting any interior decor and trends. Thus, you need not worry about your commercial space looking outdated or washed out.

Benefits of updating your office flooring

Apart from transforming your office space visually, there are other benefits to why you should consider updating your office flooring:

1. Value

Even if you don’t plan to sell your office anytime soon, you would want anyone who visits or works there to have a lasting impression of your office. This new look can also garner more visits from potential clients, adding value to not only your space but your business. 

2. Long-term Durability

It’s only natural for old floorings to lose their durability over time. New floor coverings will help prevent possible long-term and costly repair work. 

3. Increased Efficiency

Did you know that employee productivity and satisfaction depend very much on the environment they are in? Unlike clients, they have to spend the majority of their time in the office. Hence, having a comfortable and visually pleasing surrounding can increase workflow and conduciveness.

4. Healthier Environment

As mentioned, old floors could be harbouring unwanted bacteria that can lead to potential illnesses being unknowingly spread in the office. Additionally, standing for long hours on hard floors can be hurtful to joints and muscles, lowering efficiency levels around the office. With newer, modern commercial floor coverings, it would be a great way to start afresh! 

Ultimately, there are countless reasons as to why you should consider updating your office floors and it is just as important to find the best floor covering that fits your office needs. 

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