Carpet Roll

September 24, 2016

With Spring here, sun becomes a bigger issue for homes and businesses in our region. Looks, temperature control, heating and cooling costs, and more depend on a good choice of blinds for your space. Here are a few tips to get you started, and some information on the options that are out there, so you can make the best decision for your home or business.


Large Windows

Large windows are great for bringing the outside in and providing a lot of natural light. But, sometimes you want to relax, without the glare and heat big windows can cause. Here are a few suggestions for dealing with large windows.

  • Panel Blinds
    Panel Blinds are great for large areas. They give the luxury and feel of a drapery, with the convenience of a blind. Bigger window, just add panels, while maintaining the same great look.
  • Vertical Blinds
    Elegant and fully adjustable, our vertical blinds feature a proprietary track system, eliminating traditional vertical blind concerns.
  • Roller Blinds
    Roller Blinds come in a wide variety of fabrics, from blockout to translucent and can be sized to fit many larger windows. Roller blinds present a clean, neat look that is great for contemporary settings.
  • Plantation Shutters
    Jupps indoor shutters can help you transform the look of your home or business in no time with plantation shutter. You can get some privacy without having to sacrifice the natural light that would come through your window.

Small Windows

Small windows, in places like bathrooms and kitchens, can present privacy concerns, as well as light and heat management issues. Here are some suggestions.

  • Venetian Blinds
    Venetian Blinds give a modern, sophisticated look, plus Jupp’s uniwand system makes them easy, with a single control. The metallic blades come in two sizes to suite your tastes.
  • Visions
    Vision Blinds are the latest trend, with alternating translucent, opaque panels that can be adjusted to let in light, or block it out. Visions give a modern feel to any space.
  • Roman Blinds
    Roman Blinds are perfect when a simple, classic solution is called for. Get ours in a wide variety of fabrics to suit your taste. Roman blinds provide one of the easiest to adjust window treatments that work well in a variety of interior schemes.


Why not take a look at some of the great blind options we have for every size window? We offer free measure and quote services and would love to help you find the right blind for your windows.