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July 17, 2019

A World of Thrones: The Porcelain King

Introducing the International Toilet Tourism Awards, the quest to find the world’s best public and private toilets that support tourism.

After a successful year of winners and loo-sers in 2018, has finalised some of the world’s most interesting and popular porcelain thrones.

The competition was to exhibit the close link between innovation, cleanliness and design, which contributed to the local economy and tourism. 


Winners were split into five categories:

  • Best economic contributor
  • Best location
  • Best design
  • Quirkiest toilet experience
  • Best accessible toilet
  • Overall winner and overall contribution to Toilet Tourism

Without further a-doodoo… here are the winners from each category in 2018.

Best economic contributor

Making the list of winners and putting Australia on the map for the most economic contributor to its local community was The Cummins Mosaic Loo, in Cummins, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. 

The iconic public toilet was transformed from a boring red brick dunny of a former railway station into a colourful attraction full of character that has tourists from all around the world seek out it’s porcelain throne. 

More than just a public facility for doing your business, the popular tourist attraction features statues, colourful and creative mosaics, and character paintings that reflect a more genteel bygone era from the early 20th century.

The smart decision to reinvent the restrooms by the local community of Cummins has boosted the economy and continues to generate income for local businesses — and this is why this loo has become 2018’s best economic contributor.



Best location

Enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the urban village of La Jolla while washing your hands at hotel La Jolla in California, USA. 

The restroom is situated 11 stories high and has ceiling to floor windows that provide natural light from all times of the day to flood the bathroom while complementing the earthy tones of the interior.

The highly sought-after view connects all visitors to the beautiful landscape and stunning coastline that surrounds them. Talk about people who spend 30 minutes on the toilet, with this spectacular view, we can see why.


Best design

For an immersive experience like no other, The Saskatchewan Science Centre toilets in Canada has taken first place for the best design for the International Toilet Tourism Award.

Inspired by the boreal forests of northern Saskatchewan, the immersive toilet is covered from floor to ceiling with deep forest images that have been taken by famous photographer Todd Mintz and is combined with birdsong and woodland audio.

Experience what it’s like to do your business in the middle of a serene forest without mutant mosquitoes or raging brown bears.


Quirkiest toilet experience

From little toy cars and robot figurines, to scary masks and colourful mosaics, the Bowl Plaza restroom of Lucas in Kansas city has the quirkiest toilet experience.

The iconic toilet has been designed like a raised toilet lid with side benches that represent the curved toilet seat and a concrete sidewalk that imitates a large toilet roll.

The entire building took 4 years to build and is covered in an array of colourful mosaics that have been created using toy cars, pebbles, masks, shells, wine bottle corks, and many more knick-knacks.

The Bowl Plaza has become a popular destination for local residents and tourists far and wide that it even has its own guest register.



Best accessible toilet

Bringing the most accessible toilet award back home is Brisbane Airport in Queensland, Australia. 

The upgraded and well accessible toilets provide dedicated changing facilities to allow for specialised equipment including adult change table, hoist and a toilet with removable handrails for people with disabilities.

It’s spacious and flexible design allows for easier traveling for people with disabilities, with a carer or guide dogs, many who are deterred from traveling due to a lack of facilities.

With an indoor toilet for guide dogs, Brisbane Airport wins best accessible toilet.


Overall winner for Toilet Tourism

The overall winner for Toilet Tourism is located 2970m at the top of Mt Schilthorn in Switzerland in one of the most dramatic locations in Europe. 

In the ladies, music can be heard and a shot ringing out as Bond appears on toilet doors and bullet holes in the mirrors, with Bond voice overs saying , “Tonight, my place — just the two of us.”

The Piz Gloria revolving restaurant and visitor centre brings you a James Bond themed toilet experience with voice overs and risky audiovisual effects of Bond girl Diana Rigg appearing on toilet doors in the male toilets.

The immersive experience adds a new element to toilet tourism in one of the most beautiful and scenic locations Switzerland has to offer.

Credit: My Travel research


Fresh start to 2019

The Continence Foundation of Australia has partnered with International Toilet Tourism awards in search for the best economic contributor, location, design, quirkiest and accessible toilet, but also two new categories; cleanliness and strategic commitment to toilet tourism.

The Continence Foundation of Australia continually strives to make your road trip a pleasant one with The National Public Toilet Map, allowing users to download a smartphone app which provides the locations and details of over 19,000 toilets around Australia.

The winners will be drawn on the 19th of November 2019 — World Toilet Day.


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