April 19, 2022

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We have only heard of ‘New Year, New Me’ but why not ‘New Bathroom, New Me’? Bathroom interiors can not only change the overall outlook and functionality of your space but they can also either enhance or diminish your day as well! Especially bathroom flooring. 

It ties the entire room together, harmonising elements and details into one cohesive style that best represents you. Why not start your day with a space that inspires you and a space that relaxes you as you unwind after a long day? Here’s how you can achieve that by looking at the top modern bathroom flooring trends!

What is the latest trend in bathroom floors?

Natural-looking tiles that replicate the textures, patterns and even colours of nature such as wood and stone are one of the latest bathroom trends in Australia. Despite one of the best bathroom floor tiles being porcelain, which still is, vinyl tiles are slowly joining in on the bandwagon. Specifically, grey-toned vinyl tiles. It gives off a contemporary yet chic look for a modern bathroom space.

What is the most popular flooring for a bathroom?

Tiles. This popular option has outlasted years and years of trends, leaving it to be the top choice for many homeowners. From ceramic tiles to porcelain tiles, these modern bathroom tiles are resilient, water-resistant and comes in a huge variety of colours, size and shapes. Floor tiling ideas can be seen in multiple styles and variations, leaving you plenty of room to experiment as time goes by.

What are the top 10 bathroom flooring trends?

Here you will find several flooring trends that are both new and timeless, a good blend of styles that may spark your interest. Between bathroom flooring wood styles to the everlasting porcelain tiles, this list of floor types will sure to enhance your bathroom one way or another. Although some bathroom flooring options may not be fitting to the bathroom, they may be a great alternative to different areas of your residential home!

  • Mosaic Tiles 

Beginning with a timeless classic, mosaic tiles are one of the best tiles for bathroom floors in many homes. Specifically hexagonal mosaic tiles. The shape of the tiles helps create a unique design that adds character to your bathroom space.

  • Porcelain Tiles 

Another classic would be porcelain tiles. Apart from it being impervious to water and stains, porcelain tiles exude a luxurious yet vintage look and feel. Oftentimes, these tiles are in a basket weave pattern which provides a charming outlook to your space.

  • Eco-friendly Materials 

Sustainability has become not only a trend but a necessary practice in our daily lives. What better way to do so than to transform your bathroom flooring into one that is made of eco-friendly materials such as cork, bamboo or even glass?

Cork and bamboo are both resistant to mould, mildew and water damage, proving to be practical and renewable choices for bathroom flooring. Glass tiles are considered to be one of the greenest materials as they can be fully recycled. However, do not install them in places like the shower as they are quite slippery, but a top coat can help provide more grip.

  • Polished marble

This floor type requires less maintenance than most as the polishing process has closed the pores in the stone. You can easily find them installed in hotels, creating a prestigious and timeless outlook.

  • Granite

Granite, like most natural stones, creates a unique yet subtle transformation to your bathroom floor. Natural stones are one of the best waterproof bathroom flooring options as they are inherently water-resistant and exceptionally durable. If you are one to want both an aesthetically pleasing outlook and a long floor lifespan, granite is a material you should consider.

  • Vinyl Flooring

Some may argue that vinyl flooring is not the most durable for frequent moisture present in places like the bathroom or kitchen. Luckily, with the advancements of vinyl manufacturing, you no longer have to worry about that! Vinyl bathroom flooring gives an amazing water-resistant capacity while being stain resistant. Say goodbye to having to scrub off yellow stains!

  • Laminate Flooring

Laminate bathroom flooring mimics the appearance of natural wood in various styles, colour, texture and patterns. It instantly adds warmth while jazzing up your space in the process. With its variety, you can experiment with different styles that best fit your style.

  • Patterned Tiles

From hexagonal shapes to basket-like weaves to tapestry-like designs, patterned tiles are coming back stronger than ever. These simple yet intricate designs instantly become the highlight of your bathroom the moment you step foot inside. The best part about them would be their versatility as they would look great in both modern and traditional settings.

  • Bright Coloured Tiles

Apart from patterned tiles, bright coloured tiles are now in trend as well. Timeless colours such as white, grey and cream have always been ideal choices as they can instantly brighten your bathroom and give the illusion of a larger space.

  • Stencilled Flooring

Think of stencilled flooring as a custom-made rug or wallpaper that breathes colour and patterns onto your floor. This is a budget-friendly update of your existing floor, giving it a modern yet practical twist. 

Which trend is right for you?

Trends are always ever-changing but your preferences may not. Thus, to determine which trend or trends may be right for you, there are several factors to consider. Once you are sure of your preferences, it will be much easier to deem which trend is suitable for you and your bathroom.


Styles are highly personalised to each individual. Some may prefer bolder patterned tiles for bathroom floors while some would rather opt for natural-looking bathroom vinyl flooring. There is no right or wrong to styling your own space. However, we do recommend picking a bathroom flooring option that brings the entire space together to create a cohesive look and feel.


The size of your bathroom does determine which flooring would be better. For most, tiles for small bathrooms are much preferred as it creates an illusion of a wider space. For spacious bathrooms, vinyl bathroom flooring or laminate bathroom flooring is better suited.


Although these trends are all great options on their own for bathroom flooring, they do have their functionality. For spaces subjected to moisture, homeowners might have a hard time deciding between them as all of them are moisture and stain-resistant. It is important to know their differences to make the right decision. 

For example, despite vinyl bathroom flooring being water-resistant, they do have gaps that water may seep through which can damage the floor over time. On the other hand, if the grouts’ seams are sealed and maintained well, ceramic tiles are impervious to water damage.


Like one’s style, cost varies across each individual as well. Be sure to measure your area beforehand to get an estimate of the budget before proceeding to purchase your materials. Whether your cost may be time or price, it is best to consult our flooring specialists to clear up any doubts!

Where can you find your flooring?

No matter how trends have changed over the years, it is clear that there are a particular few bathroom flooring ideas that remain to be favourites by homeowners alike. Together with Jupps, you can find your next bathroom floor by calling us at (+08) 6253 8143 or reach out to us here. Our flooring experts will be more than happy to assist you with your new flooring venture.