June 28, 2021

Carpet Cost Per squared Meter Installed

Whether you’re replacing old carpet, embarking on an exciting home renovation, or building a new home, choosing the right carpet for your home will add comfort, function and value.

So how much does it cost to carpet a room?

This is dependent on a few important factors, such as the style and durability of the new carpet. We have broken down everything you need to know about carpet cost below.

Choosing The Right Carpet

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing a carpet. If you’re building a rental property and staying within your small budget is your highest priority, a budget-friendly, low-maintenance nylon carpet will be perfect for your many renters. 

Aussies love furry friends. Some have dogs, others have cats, or even wombats. As a pet owner, it’s important to understand how messy their little furry pals are before choosing the best carpet option.

Carpet type - Dog and animals
Taking into consideration if you have dogs or other animals

Whereas if you’re building your forever home and prefer to choose the highest quality no matter the cost, a white wool carpet in your bedroom is perfect for you.

When choosing the right carpet for you there are a few important factors that will ultimately determine how much you will have to spend, such as durability, stain resistance, texture, and style. All this affects the total cost to carpet a room or carpet a house.

Carpet Material Options


Warm, luxurious and timeless but more maintenance and more expensive than other carpet material options available today. It is naturally stain-resistant but you do need to clean up spills quickly.


A cheaper alternative to traditional wool, which makes it a popular choice for carpet in Australian homes. Ultra-soft, stain-resistant and durable it’s easy to understand why everyone loves nylon.


Perfect for a rental property, garage or playroom. It is made up of synthetic fibres that are anti-static and fades and stain resistant making them perfect for budget-friendly purchase.


A popular option for busy homes. A relatively new high-end fibre carpet made from 37% renewably sourced polymer that’s derived from corn sugar. Super soft, durable, with built-in natural stain resistance that can be cleaned with just cold water.

Sisal, coir and seagrass 

?Hard-wearing and made from natural materials. These carpet options are becoming more and more popular.

Carpet Weaves And Styles

When choosing your new carpet you will have to factor in the different carpet weaves and styles, and ultimately which one you prefer most.

As carpets are created in either loop pile, cut pile or a combination of the two the choice is not too overwhelming.

Here is how you tell the difference:

Loop Pile

A loop pile feels smooth, has a more casual look, and is perfect for high-traffic areas as it hides footprints well.

Loop Pile Carpet Type

This style of carpet is created by pulling individual strands of yarn through the carpet backing twice to create a small loop.

Cut Pile?

A cut pile has a more luxurious and formal look and is denser and softer than a loop pile. It is available in either cut pile plush for a velvet look or the chunkier cut pile twist.

Cut Pile Carpet Type

This style of carpet is manufactured by cutting yarn loops to produce an upright pile. There are several different types of cut pile including plush and saxony.

Combination Cut and Loop Pile 

A combination pile will have patterns and textures. It’s created by cleverly combining cut and loop fibres together. The extra texture of this style disguises marks and footprints much better than a plain cut pile.

How Much Does Carpeting Cost?

Carpet prices will vary from different carpet installers but luckily most Perth companies are straightforward with sharing their carpet replacement cost, carpet overlocking cost and carpet supply and install cost.

Here is a breakdown of the competitive prices from Perth’s popular floor covering specialists, Jupps FloorCoverings:

Cost of carpet per square metre installed:

Inexpensive polypropylene – $20 per square metre
Dyed nylon carpeting – $40 per square metre
Wool carpeting – $50-$60 per square metre
A high-quality nylon/wool blend – $125 to $150 per square metre
Alpaca wool carpeting – $275 per square metre

How much does carpet laying cost?

Once you’ve chosen the type of carpet material you prefer, the next factors that will determine how much the carpet will cost include:

  • The size of the room
  • Subfloor preparation
  • Whether there are stairs involved
  • Whether any furniture needs to be removed

Carpet installation and underlay will be included in your measure and quote from your carpet installer.

However, some things like stairs will be quoted separately, whilst some things will not be covered at all unless you specify. These include:

  • Floor preparation
  • Installing borders
  • Carpet removal and disposal
  • Furniture removal

Generally, your Perth carpet supplier will also install your carpet for you. The carpet cost will be higher if there is more prep work included.

Expect the cost per square metre installed to be anywhere from $25/m2 to $45/m2 on average for professional services.

If you’re having wool carpet installed the cost per square metre is higher because of the extra care required.

How to hire a carpet installation business?

Getting quotes from carpet installers

Aim to get three quotes from local Perth carpet suppliers and installers before making a choice. This will help you understand the average market cost of carpet laying.

When asking for quotes it is important to be as specific as possible, such as sharing the shape and size of the areas with your carpet specialist, and whether you require removal of your old carpet or furniture removal.

After you’ve discussed the carpet cost with them, they will come to your home and give you a free measure and quote.

This helps the carpet installer give you a more accurate quote and helps you decide which type of carpeting, such as wool carpet or nylon carpet or cut pile or loop pile, is best for your home.

Questions to ask your carpet installer

Feeling confident in your decision is important. After first enquiring about carpet cost and cost of carpet per square metre installed, there are a few more questions we recommend asking before you hire your carpet installer to ensure they are right for the job.

The questions we recommend you ask involve checking important factors such as:

Are they a member of an association?
Can they provide a written itemised quote?
Job duration?
Availability and starting date?

Understanding the cost to carpet a house and the different types of carpet materials and styles that suit your lifestyle will help you choose the right carpet. 

Whether its a luxurious wool carpet or an affordable nylon carpet the trusted team at Jupps floor coverings can help you choose the right carpet for you.