May 5, 2022

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Choosing the right flooring for your home can sound like an ultimatum. Tedious, even. It is either this or that which in this case, it is either carpet or vinyl flooring. However, how can we make a proper decision if we don’t fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of both flooring options? 

While most of us may be familiar with the versatility and durability of both floorings, some of us may still be on the fence about choosing one or the other. Let’s make this easier for you by highlighting the what’s and why’s of carpet and vinyl flooring.   

When is the time to update your flooring? 

Flooring is one of the most important key features a home can possess. Not only will it enhance your living space, but it is also the bearer of all wear and tear from the daily traffic. From occasional spills to furniture scratches, it is only a matter of time before it is time to get replaced or upgraded. The question is: When? 

Floor Types Life Span
Carpet Plank / Carpet Tile5 to 8 years 
Laminate Flooring10 to 20 years
Luxury Vinyl Tile10 to 15 years 
Wood20 to 30 years
Tile20 to 30 years
Vinyl Planks10 years

Ultimately, the timing varies according to each circumstance and the quality of flooring. These are just an estimation of when you should consider having a flooring transformation. 

What do you need to consider when choosing your flooring?

Between vinyl floor covering and carpet flooring, aspects that you need to consider are generally the same when it comes to residential homes. 

  1. Cost 

Depending on the quality and type, flooring can vary in price. If you are wondering which is more expensive carpet or vinyl plank, you should first set a budget for the flooring area you wish to transform. Do keep in mind the installation and maintenance costs as well. Once you have a rough estimate of a budget locked down, it is much easier when it comes to deciding later on. 

  1. Style

This is another factor you would like to keep in mind as the flooring will be one of the main elements in your home that ties everything together. Whatever your style is in your home, we can guarantee that the variety offered in either carpet tiles or vinyl tiles flooring will be able to satisfy your aesthetic needs. 

  1. Durability 

 Undeniably, flooring is a big investment. The last thing you would want as a homeowner is to invest in the wrong flooring that does not last and begins to dull over the years. Having a durable floor can affect the value of your home and your everyday enjoyment in your space for you and your loved ones. 

Vinyl flooring, be it vinyl tiles or vinyl timber flooring, have come a long way over the years, offering superb quality and durability. Carpet, on the other hand, is also highly durable and sound absorbent. Additionally, it is perfect for spaces with children due to its softer surface.

  1. Foot Traffic 

 There are areas in your home that receive higher traffic amounts on a daily basis such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The higher traffic you have, the more durability your flooring would need. Frequent cleaning would also be required in higher traffic areas to help maintain the outlook of your flooring. Luckily, vinyl and carpet flooring are proven to be easy to clean and maintain. 

  1. Location

 Who’s to say you can enjoy the benefits of both vinyl and carpet flooring in your home? Depending on where you wish to install the floorings in your home, carpet and vinyl flooring can help provide a great balance and character to each space. 

What are the pros and cons of carpet?

  Pros Cons
  Affordable Conducive environment for dust and mites
  Durable & VersatileCan be difficult to clean and maintain
  VarietyRetained moisture can lead to moulding
  Sound Absorbent 

 What are the pros and cons of vinyl flooring?

  AffordableDoes not always add to resale value
  Durable & VersatileNot eco-friendly in terms of manufacturing
  VarietyMay be difficult to repair as a whole but on the plus side, individual tiles or planks can be easily replaced
  Easy Installation

Is carpet or vinyl flooring better?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, but it very much depends on your own preference for your home. Both flooring types are great in their own way. Carpets are mainly suited for areas such as the bedrooms and rooms that have instruments due to their sound-absorbent qualities. Vinyl would be great in kitchens and living rooms, areas with higher traffic. Additionally, there is a huge variety of vinyl flooring to choose from. 

Is carpet cheaper than vinyl?

When it comes to pricing, both options are on the affordable end, and most opted for in both residential homes and commercial spaces. However, do factor in installation prices as well as the upkeep and maintenance of both flooring types. 

 Due to its labour-intensive job, carpet generally costs more to install compared to vinyl. Additionally, it also costs more to look after once it is installed, unlike vinyl. As prices of carpet and vinyl flooring vary according to the quality, vinyl flooring costs are much friendlier than long-term solutions.

Does replacing carpet with vinyl increase home value?

Yes! Although most homeowners prefer the look and feel of actual hardwood, hardwood flooring is much more expensive to have. Hence, buyers would greatly appreciate the look and feel provided by vinyl flooring as they closely mimic the aesthetics and durability of real wood. 

Where to get your next best flooring? 

We know how much of a workload it can get when deciding between carpet or vinyl for your next home flooring transformation. Why not halt the searching for “vinyl flooring near me”, “flooring carpet” or even “flooring vinyl wood”, and head down to Jupps Flooring for a quick but detailed consultation? Our friendly flooring experts would be more than happy to provide our expertise and opinions that best suit you and your home! If not, you can always reach us at (+08) 6253 8143 or submit your inquiries here.