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May 23, 2019

Tiles for your bathroom - Jupps floor coverings

Walk into a showroom with a clear idea in mind of what you want and avoid the headache with this simple guide on choosing the perfect bathroom tile.

With an endless list of combinations of style, size, material, and colour, we can see why choosing a bathroom tile becomes more of a quest rather than a decision.

As one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, the bathroom quickly becomes an icon in every house, as it is used by family and guests.

If you think about how much time you spend transforming your living room, which is probably used just as much, it’s only fair your bathroom receives the same treatment.

A major factor that will make the whole process is to do your research and if you’re reading this right now then you’re on the right track.

We recommend creating a moodboard for all your ideas and tile inspirations including the material, colour, pattern, layout, and tile samples so that you can start to visualise your desired result.

Now that you have your moodboard and have a clear idea of what you want, here are 6 simple tips to tie it all together.

How to choose the right size tile

The size of your bathroom will determine the size of your tile. That being said, there are a number of combinations to explore, with each option providing a different outcome.

Large format tiles are currently trending in the bathroom design world for their luxurious and flawless finish that creates the optical illusion of more space. Larger tiles also mean less grout is needed making it easier to clean.

Slim Porcelain Sheet  from the Tile Boutique

But just because your limited on space doesn’t mean you have to limit your choice.

Make your space look and feel bigger with rectangular tiles laid vertically or create and oversized diamond pattern on the bathroom floor that averts the eyes from one side of the room to the other.

urbanature by Panaria - choose the tile for your bathroom
Urbanature by Panaria

However, we recommend limiting yourself to no more than 3 different tiles, as too many types, colours, and sizes will seem crowded and overwhelming. Square tiles are also easier on the eyes and create a neat and tidy appearance.

For bathrooms big and small, penny round or mosaic tiles are an excellent way of creating a standout feature tile that breathes character into the space.

Bathroom tile
Clark Richardson

Another point to consider is the placement of your drain. The less grout there is the harder it is to incorporate larger tiles into your shower unless you have opted for strip drains.

How to choose the right colours

Colours can make or break the bathroom. It is important to have an idea of what you want your bathroom to feel like and not just how it looks.

Neutral Palette

To make things easier, start with a neutral palette until you find one tile that you absolutely love and build around it. It could be a tile that you plan to use everywhere or an alluring option that you’ll use more as an accent tile.

It’ll be much easier to find complimenting tiles once you have the first piece of the puzzle.

Light coloured or neutral tiles will always open up the room and make any space appear larger, as lighter colours reflect more light.

This makes it an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms by making them feel more spacious and brighter. Add a splash of colour, life and character to a neutral design with accessories and indoor plants.

You may also want to consider adding glossy tiles that can enhance the space of the room with its reflective nature.

Neutral tone - the tile boutique

Darker palette

Darker palettes on the other hand, can make your bathroom appear smaller but cosier, and create moodiness with a sense of drama.

Darker colours also add warmth and have an inviting ambiance that exudes luxury and modernism with a touch of sophistication.

urbanature by Panaria - choose the tile for your bathroom
urbanature by Panaria

Neutral floor and ceiling

We recommend sticking with neutral floor and ceilings as it allows you to experiment more with colours and patterns on your walls. Eye-catching colours on the floor or ceiling will draw the eye towards them rather than allowing it to see the space.

Don’t forget about grout

The colour of your grout will play an important role in the overall look of your bathroom. You can use your grout for visual impact by using contrasting colours of the tile eg: black grout on white tiles or vice versa.

Or you can opt for a more subtle approach with a similar tone to your tiles. Recent trends have seen people go for brightly coloured grout against simple white subway tiles for a splash of individualism and colour.

However, we recommend matching your grout as closely as possible to your tile colour and to minimise the width to as little as possible.


Think about texture

Bathroom tiles are constantly wet and on top of that they also require frequent cleaning, which makes them a slipping hazard, especially in the shower.

For that reason, we recommend choosing slightly textured tiles for the floor and smoother tiles for the walls. Plus, texture tiles feel nicer underfoot and are warmer on a cold morning.

Rug Collection - how to choose your bathroom tile
Rugs by Fondovalle


Ask your rep questions

Whether you’re building or renovating, it is always important to ask your rep as many questions as possible, that’s what they are there for. If you are in the process of looking for new flooring and have all these unanswered questions, our friendly staff at Jupps has you covered. You can contact our team or head into one of our boutiques and get a feel for things.

If you haven’t decided on a flooring material, check out The Best Bathroom Flooring Options for more information on what flooring materials are available.