June 28, 2018

gerflor Lvt Jupps

In recent times vinyl flooring has manage to make a come-back but it’s not what you think. In the 80s vinyl sheet flooring was a very popular choice, as it was a cost effective option that provided that beautiful wood or tile finish.

Unfortunately, due to its nature of being one big sheet, this meant that replacing damage sections could be quite cumbersome and expensive.

Adapting to modern times and currently trending in our homes and offices, luxury vinyl planks and tiles have become the popular choice when it comes to flooring.

What is Luxury vinyl flooring? 

Luxury vinyl flooring has 2 differentiations both which provide a different finish depending on your style:


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) – LVT is a vinyl product that provides a stone or ceramic finish in a versatile format allowing for full customisation to achieve that natural stone and ceramic surface texture without the grout.


Gerflor – Luxury Vinyl Planks – Cajou Grey

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) – exactly as it suggests, LVP is a vinyl product that provides that natural wooden floorboard look without the troubles of selling an arm and a leg.


Gerflor – Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Quartzite Beige

Why choose luxury vinyl?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, what actually makes luxury vinyl the better choice when it comes to flooring – here are some advantages in choosing LVT/LVP:

  1. Durability – luxury vinyl is water/scratch/dent resistant making it the perfect flooring type for any home or office that is a high traffic zone. This makes it the ideal flooring type for those of you who have kids or pets running amuck at home.
  2. Versatile – as opposed to sheet, LVT/LVP comes in tile or plank format giving you a lot more control over the installation process and the freedom to choose the appearance of how your vinyl is laid.
  3. Variety and style – the bonus to using luxury vinyl is the endless possibilities of style and choice. As each tile is created with its own detailed design and intricate textures, you can create your own unique design which could not be replicated using vinyl sheets.
  4. Price – when compared to tile or hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl ultimately is the cheaper option. It’s easier to install, repair and replace if damaged, making it the popular choice.
  5. Maintenance – being as durable and resistant as it is. Because there is no grout, luxury vinyl can be easily maintained with a quick sweep and mop. Compared to cracked tiles or wood which is almost impossible to repair, vinyl can simply be popped out and replaced.
  6. Lifestyle – constructed with multiple layers, luxury vinyl is a lot softer and warmer on the feet than tiles and wooden boards. It also provides more insulation and sound proofing improving on the acoustics of a room.


Whether it is for your home or office space, luxury vinyl has proven to be an excellent choice when considering what types of flooring to use. Being able to withstand high traffic areas, easily replaceable and low maintenance allows you to rest a little easier without having to worry about someone scratching or damaging your flooring. If you are contemplating making the jump to luxury vinyl and need to speak to the professionals, local provider Jupps has all the answers.