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February 22, 2021

Outdoor Flooring Trends

The value of a great outdoor space cannot be understated. Having an outdoor space that truly feels like your own can turn a house into a home. Regardless of whether you use your outdoor space to host a barbie or just to soak up some sun on a lazy Sunday morning, you should take pride in your outdoors as much as you do the interiors of your home. 

Outdoor flooring refers to your patio, pavement, pathways, and any artificial surface that you’re walking and standing on outside your home. If you think you could breathe some new life into the outdoor areas of your home, consider these outdoor flooring ideas: 

Outdoor Flooring Trends

1. Porcelain Tiles 

One of the biggest emerging flooring trends of 2021 is bringing indoor styles to outdoor areas. By doing this with functional and natural materials built to withstand the weather, your property will have a more cohesive style, truly connecting the indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

One of the most popular ways to do this is to use porcelain tiles. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, porcelain tiles are a timeless addition to any property. 

Durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles will add a chic flair to your outdoor spaces. With a diverse range of choices in colour and styles, you’re sure to find a porcelain tile that compliments your style perfectly. 

Style Suggestion: The Reggio Emilia Due Maesta collection embodies stylish Italian designs that are sure to give any provide a modern touch to any outdoor space. 

2. Wood Replica Pavers 

Cross Wood

Another way to bring a touch of indoor style to your outdoor spaces is to use wood replica pavers. Wood planks are obviously not built to survive the outdoors; water and sun damage is too great a threat. 

However, by using wood replica pavers, you can still add the warmth, rustic charm and natural aesthetic of wooden planks without having to worry about the wood flooring being damaged by the elements. 

Style Suggestion: For outdoor flooring as cosy as it is durable, look no further than the Cross Wood porcelain tile. This tile is ideal for your outdoor patio. 

3. Unique Flooring Patterns

Your living room and kitchen aren’t the only places that a distinct patterned tile surface will bring a spark of personality to. By using tiles with a unique pattern on them for your outdoor flooring, you can truly leave your personal stamp on the property. Yes, this can be a very bold move, but why not make your outdoor space a spot to be remembered? 

Style Suggestion: Embrace one of 2021’s more daring outdoor flooring ideas by using the Palermo tile. Flexible and straightforward, you can truly let your creativity go wild. Available in multiple colours and with a warm, wood finish, this tile is a perfect way to add some flair to your outdoor areas. 

4. Brick 

It can be hard to beat a classic. Brick has been a mainstay of design for both interiors and exteriors for generations thanks to its timeless nature and the flexibility it offers. It’s easy to build with, and incredibly durable. You can be sure that brick outdoor flooring will last as long as your property does, if not longer! 

Style Suggestion: Don’t settle for simple, use brick creatively to complement your outdoor spaces. Consider installing brick in shapes or patterns that compliment your existing landscape design. 

5. Large Scale Pavers 

If you’re a fan of contemporary design, large scale pavers are likely to suit you perfectly. Place the large scale tiles centre stage and let them work their magic. Choose a monochromatic colour that suits your outdoor area and let the clean, timeless style of large scale pavers do the rest of the work. Their large size and clean style allow your landscape to speak for itself. 

Style Suggestion: Large scale pavers are fantastic for walkways, and using small stones or gravel can create a great contrast between sleek design and the natural texture of the rock. 

6. Rubber Flooring 

One emerging outdoor flooring idea is rubber flooring. Yes, it does sound odd! However, it provides an excellent outdoor flooring solution for children’s play areas, and as an outdoor flooring near pools. Durable, shock absorbent, slip-resistant, and highly versatile, rubber flooring is actually a great outdoor flooring choice. 

Style Suggestion: Rubber flooring can replicate the look of brick or cobblestone, so make sure to choose a style that compliments your outdoor space. 

7. Stained Concrete 

One of the cheapest outdoor flooring materials stained concrete is also incredibly easy to clean, and very durable. Popular in contemporary designs for offering both sleek texture and smooth surfaces, concrete is an outdoor design trend that’s been around for a while.

However, the outdoor flooring trend of 2021 is to customise your concrete with staining, stamping, and adding textures. Not only do you get rich colours with stained concrete, but it’s actually easier to maintain and clean than standard concrete flooring. 

Style Suggestion: Use acid on your concrete patio to create dramatic marbling-like looks to boost your property’s curbside appeal. 

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Flooring For Your Space

Patios and Alfresco areas

There are many great choices of exterior tiles for your outdoor patio space regardless of your patio design.

If you want a contemporary look then the popular choice is to install large scale pavers. You can even use them to create great-looking walkways to connect your patio to other walkways around your home.

If you want a trendy look that is also weather-resistant and easy to maintain, then porcelain tiles are an easy choice to make.

These exterior tiles are available in a range of colours and styles, so you’ll be sure to find something to suit your ideal outdoor patio design.


Verandahs add so much value to the outdoor appeal of any home, and a great looking verandah can add a lot of value to your property. Your verandah should complement your back or front yard in its design.

If you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm, there are few options better than wood floors. However, wood isn’t very weather resistant and is prone to warping and mould.

Wood replica pavers can give you the same great look of wood floors to your outdoor space while standing up to the elements.

Stained concrete is another great option if you’d prefer an affordable yet very modern look.

Pools areas

The most important aspect of poolside flooring is that it’s slip-resistant. You don’t want your pool to be a safety hazard.

Rubber flooring is one of the best types of outdoor flooring for the pool. It provides a slip-resistant, weather-resistant, and shock absorbent surface that is ideal for families.

Better yet, it now comes in patterns that replicate the look of brick or stone, making it a great choice for outdoor flooring for pools.

Can’t make a decision?

So, you’re likely asking yourself which outdoor flooring trend is right for me and my property? If you love a touch of rustic charm and natural tones, then perhaps wood replica pavers or brick is the perfect outdoor flooring choice you need to perfect your home. 

Or, if you’re a lover of the contemporary, perhaps large scale pavers are the perfect finishing touch to bring out the best of your front garden. It’s important to take your time and explore the many, many options you have. 

There are so many types of outdoor flooring available and that’s why it’s important to get advice from the pros.

Jupps have been working in the flooring industry since 1962, and are here to help. Get in touch today and see how their friendly team of experts can help you choose the ideal outdoor flooring for you.