Carpet Roll

January 2, 2021

If you find your old staircase outdated, there is a quick way to fix it. Adding a new carpet to stairs will do the job correctly, so consider this if you haven’t changed it in the last ten years. However, keep in mind that it isn’t only about aesthetics. Quality and durability are one of the essential aspects that you should consider.

The stairs are a high traffic area, so you will notice signs of wear and tear very soon. Since there are a lot of choices on the market, how to find the best carpet for stairs? In this post, we explain everything you need to know about carpets. Make sure that you don’t miss any of the necessary information!

What to look for

Unlike other areas of your home, choosing a carpet for stairs requires a different approach. Safety, durability, and aesthetics are the top things that you should focus on. Besides, we explain the few points that you should focus on to make the right choice.

Choose the right material

The material choice is crucial when picking the right carpet. You can’t apply the same principles as you would when buying a carpet for the living room. You can get away with a cheaper carpet for the bedroom since there is no intensive traffic there but think twice for other areas. The staircase is a high traffic area, so you need a material that guarantees durability. On the other hand, it needs to minimize the sound of footsteps.

Wool is the best material that you can get for a carpet. It guarantees durability and longevity, so it is worth the investment. Natural wool won’t flatten, so it is perfect for high-traffic areas such as the staircase. Moreover, it won’t get stained quickly and is easy to maintain. And let’s not forget that it looks luxurious and versatile.

If you don’t find wool a perfect fit for your budget, there is still an alternative option to consider. Homeowners that want to balance the quality and price can go for a wool-blend carpet. The material contains both synthetic and wool fibre and is an excellent pick if you don’t want to sacrifice quality. It gathers the best advantages of both materials, such as durability and noise absorbing.

On the market, you can find a wide range of synthetics materials such as polyester, nylon, olefin, and triexta. Synthetic carpets come with their advantages, such as low absorption and stain resistance. However, nylon is the most commonly used material for carpets. It is durable and will restore its shape if compacted.

Carpet construction

When it comes to carpet construction, there are two types:

  • Bulked continuous filament or BCF means that the carpet is made of a single piece of fibre. The advantages of this type are less shedding and versatility. This is why it is commonly used for synthetic carpets, so don’t expect to find natural fibres constructed with the BCF method.
  • Staple carpets are constructed of short fibres that are woven together.

When it comes to choosing the best carpet for stairs, always go for a low pile with a maximum of ¾ inch. This thickness guarantees walking stability but is also thick enough to withstand the heavy traffic. Many might think that the denser the carpet is, but professionals would disagree with this statement. Thick carpets are full of air, which isn’t the right choice when you need stability. Avoid thick carpets and stick with a thinner option to ensure a stable walking surface.

Good colours for carpet

The carpet for stairs isn’t only considered for this functionality. While we want a durable carpet that will withstand the traffic, we can’t ignore the aesthetic aspect when making the right choice. The carpet needs to be cohesive and complement your home’s style.

The colour choice will make a huge difference when picking the right carpet for stairs. While off white and ivory can make the narrow staircase look more spacious, think twice before making a final decision. Make sure to avoid light colours, as this area is prone to dirt and stains. The high traffic will make the carpet look dull, so be careful and avoid light colours at all costs.

What are the safest colours for a carpet that is exposed to movement? If you still like to keep it neutral, go for deeper neutral shades. Coffee, light grey, and taupe would work correctly. These are the most popular choices for staircase carpets. If you are worried about stains and dirt, choose a patterned carpet that will camouflage them. Patterned carpets are better at hiding dirt compared to single coloured ones. Heathered tones will make the stains unnoticeable and also look good. Striped carpets are another popular option, as they follow the lines and look very symmetrical.

How much does it cost?

The price is one crucial aspect of the whole project. Expect to pay $35/m2 on average for professional service. Additionally, the fees for professional carpet installation services range from $25/m2 to $45/m2 on the market. A wide range of factors will determine the final price that you will pay, such as prep work and type of carpet.

The costs will be higher if there is more prep work included. The process starts with removing the old carpets and cleaning to ensure that the new carpet will be placed on a clean surface. Furthermore, expect to pay more if you choose high-quality and premium materials. Besides, consider this as an investment that will pay off in the long term. If you buy a durable and high-quality carpet for stairs, expect to use it for ten years before the wear and tear becomes noticeable.

Final words

Buying the right thing is overwhelming, as you need to pay attention to the quality, aesthetics, and safety. To ensure durability, make sure to get the best quality that fits your current budget. Also, work with a trusted carpet installation service to get the thing that matches your needs.