Carpet Roll

June 15, 2016

When it comes to decorating our intimate spaces, bedrooms can be the trickiest. Striking a balance between style and comfort when choosing flooring is not always easy, but there are some specific considerations that can make your job easier. Here are some elements to consider when you are hesitating between carpeting or floorboards.

Temperature Control

Depending on your climate, the climate control system in your home and how you like the temperature of your room, carpets and floorboards offer very different benefits.

  • Floorboards generally keep a room cooler and are cooler to the touch, unless heated.
  • Carpeting helps to keep a room warm and insulates a cold floor, especially on bare feet.

Sound and Light

The ambience of a room is much more than just visual. The way that light plays off of surfaces and the sound inside of the room, as well as the degree of isolation you have from outside sources of sound all work  together to create a rooms feel. Flooring can help to create the feel you want.

  • Carpets help to isolate the room from sound, as well as deadening the sound within it. Carpets also reflect soft light, creating a subtle glow, rather than glinting.
  • Floorboards dont provide the same insulating factor for sound and can often amplify sound within the room. This can make a small room feel larger. Floorboards also reflect light more directly, creating a modern feel.


Last, but obviously not least, is appearance. Your bedroom is the one place you want to feel most at home. So, think about what makes you feel most comfortable. This is the one space where everyone deserves to have the feeling they want that will help them drop their troubles at the door and rest.

  • Floor boards tend toward a classic look. They can suit very traditional interiors, as well as modern, but they are timeless. Consider floorboards if you are the kind of person that likes to redecorate frequently. They can also be mixed with area rugs for the best of both.
  • Carpeting can be very soothing under foot and gives a room a cozy appearance. Use colour and pattern to set the mood, while choosing the nap that makes you most comfortable.

If you still are unsure what type of flooring you would like for you bedroom, our dedicated team can help you pick a design and give you a personalised quote.