Carpet Roll

July 15, 2016

Flooring is the foundation for the rest of your decor and the practical elements in your home. Taking the time to select the right options for the various spaces inside your home can mean the difference between a flooring system that works well for you for years to come and the reality of replacing it sooner than expected. Here are some home flooring trends for 2016 that can help you choose the right floor for your different rooms.

Kitchen and Bath

Well start here, since the flooring is possibly the most specialised. The trend for 2016 remains on track with smooth, elegant hard surface floors coming out on top for their modern design, rugged wear and resistance to water damage. Here are a couple of great options.

  • Vinyl plank: This is a newer variety of floor, but very popular for both bath and kitchen. It is water proof, comes in a variety of styles, including stone and wood looks, and is virtually indestructible.
  • Ceramic tile: Given the budget and the proper foundation, ceramic tile is a perennial classic. Choose neutral tones for a classic, modern look thats easy to decorate around. Weathered wood look tile is on trend for 2016 and provides a nice neutral base for any décor.

Living Areas

This is where you let your hair down and kick off your shoes to relax. Its also where you express your personality and there are a lot of options, depending on your personal sense of style.

  • Carpet is a perennial favorite for living areas. Choose your nap and color based on your surrounding furnishings and the amount of traffic your area will get. Low nap, textured and cut shags are all popular right now, so take your pick.
  • Laminates are trending this year as well, particularly with a hardwood grain finish. These rugged floors are good for areas with moderate traffic that don’t have much risk of water damage. If you have a higher traffic area, or wet conditions, check into some of the newer, waterproof laminates.


If your home is your castle, the bedroom is your sanctuary. Luxury and comfort are the name of the game and what that means to you is where you start. Since you’ll spend more time barefoot here than anywhere else, choose something soothing underfoot.

  • Carpets in the bedroom can be a little less neutral. Trending for 2016 are playful, modern patterns dyed into the carpeting for an added touch of decor.
  • Wood floors give a homey feel and combining a wood floor, tile, or vinyl with rugs can be the best of both worlds. For 2016, go for neutral base flooring, with a bold contrast for your rug for a highly visual effect.

Utility Spaces and Bonus Rooms

These areas allow you to get a bit more creative with the floor. Make your choices based on the primary usage the space gets. For an office, do you prefer austere, or comfy. In the laundry room are you a neat and tidy type, or do you prefer the homey feel of wood?

  • Here again, the vinyl flooring is a great way to go in spaces that see a lot of traffic, or have potentially heavy work loads. Vinyl tile works well in laundry and other utility spaces. Stone patterns are trending, along with natural and weathered wood tones.

For more elegant spaces, the look of a wood floor, combined with area rugs is a great way to show timeless elegance while being able to keep up with the trends with a  new rug here and there.