May 17, 2018

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When it comes to choosing an outdoor tile it can seem like an overwhelming task. Apart from choosing what it looks like, which is already a battle in itself, you need to also consider the demands of your environment and the elements.

Going with ceramic tiling because it is aesthetically pleasing does not necessarily mean it will be effective around a pool area or going with sandstone tiles around a BBQ that will absorb all stains.Here are some factors to consider when purchasing outdoor tiles:

Understanding your climate

When choosing the right outdoor tile you need to consider that the tile you choose can endure your local climate. Extreme weather from both ends of the spectrum can weaken tiles and cause them to expand, crack and pop out. Climate should be one of the first factors to be considered to ensure that you get the most out of your tiles. Porcelain tiles is a great choice if you are unsure, they extremely robust and have low porous levels, making it great during winter as well as being UV resistant to survive summer.

Is it non-slip?

Before you purchase your dream outdoor tile, have you asked the rep if it is non-slip? Due to the nature of being outdoors the tiles will be susceptible to wet conditions causing the tiles to be slippery and dangerous. There are a number of ways around this, by choosing unglazed or course tiles we can prevent any slips and falls. There are certain types of tiles natural and fabricated that come slip resistant or you may have the choice of applying a slip resistant finish. Some tiles to consider are sandstone, ceramic and porcelain with slip resistant finish, and or limestone.

Water absorption

One thing to look out for is how porous the material is, for wetter climates we want to avoid extremely porous materials as they can absorb too much water which can lead to growth of algae, moss, lich and or rot. If you insist on getting a porous type of outdoor tiling then you can always apply a finish to the surface.


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Stain proof

If you are looking to get an outdoor tile that is quite porous and unsealed then it is a good idea in getting some sort of finish or glaze applied. Certain tiles like ceramics, timber and unsealed stone will require a finish or glaze to prevent stains from settling in.


Choosing a tile that is durable and suited to your climate is essential in making it last and getting bang for buck. Softer tiles like ceramic, plastic or rubber outdoor tiles are not the most robust type of flooring for out in the open as the elements will destroy these much faster. Ideally, these types of flooring would be more suited under patios or in enclosed areas. For an exposed area try porcelain, stone tiles including granite, marble, slate, limestone or quartzite.

Jupps carries a wide range of outdoors tiles. We can help you with the design and installation of your design project.