Carpet Roll

July 6, 2017

Case for hiring professional installers.

We get it. You are on a tight budget, in a hurry, and just like James Bond can defuse a bomb with nothing but a straw and a toothpick, you’re super amazing with DIY projects too. Congrats, yay for you, give yourself a virtual high-five!

But here’s the thing. Nothing screams amateur job or regret more than a bad DIY project that you are stuck with, especially when it comes to something as integral to a room as carpet flooring. A bad flooring job can be the difference between a well-groomed area and a space that looks as though the Muppets did the install wearing blind folds.

Sometimes, it’s just best to let the professionals handle the job. Sure, concentrate your DIY infatuation on something that is a little more forgiving, like a new coffee table, outdoor chair, kids room decor and toys, or a piece of bedside furniture instead.

You will find that hiring a professional flooring contractor is well worth the investment, particularly with something as important as carpet flooring. A well-finished flooring job can contribute substantially to the value of your property in the long run.

Before you make the decision to tackle your own flooring installation, have a ponder over these few challenges first.

Do you have the skills and dexterity to do the job right?

  • Challenging cuts
  • Uneven subfloors
  • Odd-shaped rooms and spaces that aren’t evenly spread
  • Special patterns that need to run in a particular direction

Flooring installation can prove to be very tricky if you go in without the proper skill set and knowledge. Have you thought about these factors? Do you have the right tools needed for the job?

Longevity of the project

  • Wear and tear
  • Warranty available
  • Peace of mind

Are you confident that your handy work will take Uncle Jimmys favourite twist manoeuvres at the next Christmas family gathering? Certified flooring contractors have been tried and tested to verify their knowledge and skills before they are trusted to go about the job. A certified flooring professional also holds liability insurance for any work-associated damages or mishaps. You wont get this cover and assurance by doing it yourself.

What are you really saving?

  • A little money
  • No time, the project is likely to take longer
  • Added disruption

You may be saving a little money on laying the flooring yourself, however, if you do a less than 100% job, you will be missing out on important value of your asset in the long run. Remember, no one likes carpet flooring with lumps and bumps or pulls and runs.

We know that in this modern world, time is a very valuable asset. Add up the time it will take you to shop around and find your perfect flooring, as well as the physical time it will take to lay your masterpiece. Will you be disrupting the usual flow at home?

A professional flooring contractor will probably have you well-covered in the time-saving stakes. He is more likely to be on the home straight before you are anywhere near rounding the bend. A professional installer will get your house back to normal faster, and with very minimal disruption. A professional will also give you guidance for the upkeep of your new, flash-looking floor so you can look after it properly for years to come.

Whether it be for wooden floorboards, tiles, lino, or carpet flooring, the best advice that we can offer is to think heavily about taking on the job for yourself. Consider the above challenges, their outcomes and weigh up if it really is worth the effort and the risk of a premium end result, if you do it yourself. Talk to our shop staff for advice on flooring installation and design.