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February 26, 2021

Patio Security Screens in port headland

Security screens are an excellent way to control airflow through your home without the use of an air conditioner while also bolstering your home security, curbside appeal, and property value. 

What Is A Security Screen?

A security screen is a highly durable, high tensile stainless steel mesh that is fitted into an aluminium frame that is attached to the frames of doors and windows. The mesh allows for airflow to continue, while also not compromising on visibility. 

Why Do You Need A Security Screen?

A security screen – also known as a security fly screen – is a fantastic way to protect your property from intruders, but also lets you control the airflow into your home or property without inviting in flies, mosquitos, and other pests. They provide excellent quality security, without compromising the look or comfort of your property.

What Types of Security Screens Are There?

There is a wide range of security screens for windows and doors available. 

For Windows

  • Sliding windows
  • Awning windows
  • Double-hung windows

For Doors

  • Front doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Stacking doors

Other Options

  • Security patio enclosures
  • Fire escape security mesh

What Are Security Screens Made From?

The best security doors and screens are built to an Australian standard from either 316 Marine Grade stainless steel or perforated aluminium for their mesh. 

Frames are constructed from steel or aluminium, with steel being the stronger option yet more prone to corrosion.

Brands such as Invisi-Gard utilise a patented Extreme Grip Protection system that ensures there is zero contact between the mesh and aluminium frame. This provides maximum corrosion resistance, providing high-quality security.

Modern security screens also come with a highly durable powder coating to ensure that they continue to look fantastic years after installation.

What Types of Locks Are Available?

The security screen door locks are arguably as important as the security mesh itself. 

Single Point Lock

As the name suggests, a single point lock only has one locking mechanism which is located beside the handle in the middle of the security door. These locks allow you to open the door from inside or outside without a key as long as the door is left unlocked.

Three-Point Lock

This type of lock has three locking mechanisms one at the top, middle, and bottom of the door which are all connected internally and work in tandem. This mechanism provides significantly more security than a single point lock and is recommended for maximum protection. You’ll need to use a key to open and close this type of lock from the outside.

What Colours Are Available?

Security screens come in a wide range of available standard colours, as well as anodised and timber wood-look finishes. With so many options you can be sure that your security screen doors and windows will perfectly match the rest of your property.

What Features Are Available?

Longlife Warranty

High-quality products will often come with a warranty covering anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Protection Against the Elements

Australian standard security screens will be built to a high level of quality and have increased protection against bushfires in areas from BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-40.

Low Maintenance

A quick rinse with warm water and a splash of detergent is all you’ll ever need to keep your security windows and door screens looking as new as the day you bought them.

How To Choose The Right Security Screen For You

You should choose a security screen that suits not only your security needs, but your lifestyle needs too.


If security is your main concern, choosing a security screen made from either 316 stainless steel or perforated aluminium will give you excellent protection. 

It is strongly recommended that you opt for a three-point lock or equivalent to ensure that your lock is as strong as the screen itself.


If you are on a budget, perforated aluminium security screens will likely be lighter on your wallet than other materials, while still offering great security.

Corrosion Protection

If you live near the ocean, it’s very important to ensure that your security screen has corrosion protection or else it will rust and become weak. 316 stainless steel screens have a much higher level of corrosion resistance than other materials.


If you don’t want your security screen to interrupt the views from your property, then choosing a 316 stainless steel mesh screen is a wise move. You can still see through perforated aluminium mesh screens, however, your view is restricted to a 125 degree viewing angle.

What To Look For In A Security Screen

When looking for a security screen, ensure that it meets Australian Standard AS5039-2008. If it doesn’t, the only intruders that your screen will protect against will be mosquitos and flies. Crimsafe security screens and Invsi Gard screens are well-known brands for their high quality and are highly recommended. 

You should also check the following:

  • The cords of the mesh grille are thick and made from perforated aluminium or stainless steel. 
  • Doors should have at least three hinges with fixed hinge pins that cannot be removed.
  • Custom installation should be required. Improper installation that doesn’t meet the standard can mean that your security screens are little more than decoration.
  • Ensure that your security screen has a steel or aluminium frame that is reinforced in the corners.
  • Offers protection from corrosion. If you live in an area where corrosion may be an issue, ensure that your security screens have corrosion resistance. If your screen rusts, it’s strength will be compromised. 

How Much Do Security Screens Cost?

Security screen doors prices vary from property to property. This is because no two installations are the same and each security screen will be custom fit from start to finish. For example, whether you have a sliding door, or a hinged door will change the installation process. Security screens for windows prices will also vary. 

To see how you can improve your home security or better secure your commercial property from intruders, get in contact with the experts at the Jupps Port Hedland store today. 

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