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November 27, 2018

Tips to soundproof your home from inside noise - Jupps Floorcoverings

Our homes represent a place of comfort, peace and quiet, and too often our sanctuaries are interrupted by noise pollution from the outside as well as the inside. This article will focus on how to soundproof your home from the inside and reduce the amount of interior noise that travels through your home.

Types of interior noises that may sound familiar to you can include squeaky floorboards, noisy laundry rooms, white noise from electrical appliances and in particular – the kids.

Whether you are currently building or live in an established home, here are some ways to soundproof your home’s interior.

Windows, doors, and flooring

Tips to soundproof your home from inside noise - Jupps Floorcoverings

Windows – ensure that all interior windows are completely sealed and that there are no gaps between the glass and the windowpanes. Also, consider purchasing double glazed windows which block out more sound and provide extra insulation than single glazed.

Doors – are the gateways to each room in your home and can reduce the most amount of sound travelling throughout your house by simply closing it. Consider replacing or purchasing a new door that is solid as well as double glazed as this will greatly reduce the amount of noise that travels through your home.

Flooring – if your floorboards are making more squeaky noises than a family of mice then it is time to upgrade, and this does not necessarily mean you have to replace your entire houses flooring. Acoustically engineered flooring can be installed beneath your chosen floor type, including floorboards, carpet and tiles to help deafen noise. Single problematic boards can simply be replaced.

Soundproofing your living space

Tips to soundproof your home from inside noise - Jupps Floorcoverings

Furniture – placement of your furniture plays a huge part in soundproofing your home. Moving your couch from the window to the wall can reduce and absorb the amount of noise coming through the walls, especially in the games room. If you have any bookshelves within your home, ensure they are against the wall and filled with books – you’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

Décor – you may find that rooms with hard flooring sound ‘echoey’ and hollow, allowing for sound to bounce off every surface. Consider purchasing a rug or adding carpet to the room as this will help absorb and dampen the noise in the room. In addition, putting up some curtains will help reduce the amount of noise coming from the outside as well as dampen and absorb interior noise. Heavy fabrics such as wool or velvet work best and are very effective for rooms with hard flooring. Textured cushions will also provide additional noise absorption.

Laundry room – is arguably one of the loudest rooms in the house thanks to the washer and dryer. Old white appliances tend to increase in noise pollution as time goes on, so if your washer or dryer is starting to sound like the bongo drums then it’s a good sign to replace them. Consider purchasing energy-efficient appliances which not only environmentally-friendly but also generally quieter. If the budget is tight then try placing shock-absorbing pads beneath the machines as well as sound-absorbing pads behind to dampen the noise.

Unfortunately, there is no all in one fix when it comes to soundproofing your home, so every little bit helps. For expert advice on the flooring options that will lessen the noise around your house or office, get in touch with our team.