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May 30, 2018


Australian designer furniture brands you need to know

As diverse as a bag of smarties and as intricate as a double helix, Australian designer furniture brands continues to astound on an international level combining multiculturalism and lifestyle influences to provide an authentic experience to all customers. When it comes to furnishing our homes we often seek the easiest, cheapest and most popular option – Ikea. I am guilty of it, I mean who can resist those meatballs? But let’s take a look into our own backyard. Here are some Australian designer furniture brands to consider:




Mark Tuckey

Deep within the city of hipsters (Melbourne) poises one of Australia’s distinguished designer furniture workshops Mark Tuckey. Specialising in timber and in particular, recycled timber, the company is dedicated in designing one off pieces with integrity, simplicity and strength. Taking pride in quality craftsmanship, the Mark Tuckey team look to a greener future ensuring each piece is produced with a negligible footprint.

“Our retail will work with you to make your vision come to life”


Family owned business, Jardan, has been operating since 1987 producing some of Australia’s finest hand crafted contemporary furnishings. Drawing their inspirations from the relaxed Australian way of living, the Jardan Lab – a design led team, focus and evolve their ideas to create a ‘total living’ approach to furniture that requires minimal machinery and exceptional precision. The company sources all quality materials locally ensuring they reduce wastage, reduce their environmental footprint and help create sustainable pieces that survive the test of time.

Modernising our manufacturing process is driven by our vision for quality and sustainability at scale, complimenting the handcrafted elements of our pieces with efficiency of modern machinery.”



Dessein Furniture focuses on affordability, accessibility and sustainability to provide customers with authentic Australian contemporary designed furniture. Founder, Michelle Chow, wanted to create a platform to give local designers the opportunity to promote and showcase their products as well as combine creative inspiration to expand their design scope. By sourcing local materials Dessein is able to reduce wastage, minimalize environmental impacts and provide customers with affordable uniquely styled furniture.

“To deliver a range of furniture and objects for living which is distinctive in its authenticity, versatile in its application, accessible in its affordability and enduring style.”


Ross Gardam

By combining the qualities of contemporary innovations and traditional processes, Ross Gardam founded his company in 2007 in hopes to create quality, original and accessible designs. All materials were sourced from local artisans and manufactured close by which allowed for a more hands on approach as it was all produced in house. Each part of production shared the same vision this ensured all products were produced at the highest level using quality materials that were made to last. As a passionate designer, Ross Gardam has produced simple yet elegant and accessible collection of products recognised internationally.

“Quality is integral to everything we do, from design, material selection and manufacturing through to packaging and after sales support.”



Cult: NAU

Owner of Cult, Richard Munao, has forged a new take to the Australian design furniture market called NAU. With recognised designer names like Adam Cornish, Adam Goodrum and Gavin Harris on board, NAU aims to encompass all that is furniture, lighting and accessories for the living space. NAU has taken a more simplistic and elegant approach to design, creating sustainable, accessible and timeless pieces with a modern twist.

“Now is the time for a new Australian design movement.”