May 26, 2022

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Unlike your living room or kitchen where most guests and family would gather, your bedroom is your unique space. Hence, it is important to decorate your space that best suits your style and needs. Choosing the right colours, bedding, lighting and even storage are just some of the few elements to not only help create a relaxing space for the night but an aesthetically pleasing one to wake up to. Luckily, in this list, we will be recommending our top 10 tips for bedroom ideas, bedroom decor and bedroom design that will inspire you and your space. 

What do you need to consider before you begin your renovation?

  • Style 

    Whether you prefer a minimal bedroom styling or something more bolder, your bedroom would be the best way for you to express your unique style. A style that belongs to no one but you! If you are unsure, you can always check out bedroom inspos or bedroom styling ideas online and create a moodboard to get yourself started. 
  • DIY or Professional

    For all our DIY loving homeowners, this is your time to shine your skills through your bedroom renovation ideas you have been hiding. While this may be an exciting project to get started on, some would prefer to hire a professional to get their bedroom renovations done by experts. Determine your preferred method and next thing you know, you will be sleeping in your new bedroom.
  • Size of your Space

    Depending on the size of your bedroom, you might even want to consider expanding your bedroom space. For homeowners who may not have such liberty, not to fret as we have some small bedroom ideas that will help expand your room without much hassle.
  • Budget

    Knowing your budget and the approximate cost for your renovation is going to help a great deal. Here in Australia, bedroom renovations can start at an estimate of about $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the changes.
  • Priorities

    Yes, priorities. Whether it is wanting more storage space, a brand new floor covering or making way for a new bed frame, knowing which renovation or room decoration is more important can help you make an informed decision. For example, if you wish to transform your flooring, it will be difficult to do so if you purchase new furniture. 

Top 10 tips on renovating your bedroom space

  1. Carpet

    For a lot of homeowners, bedrooms are a cosy sanctuary where work and responsibilities can actually become non-existent. It is a place to rest and recharge.  What better flooring to help create such an atmosphere other than carpet? This inexpensive floor option is also sound-absorbent, making it a perfect floor covering for a bedroom.
  2. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

    Like its name suggests, LVT are one of the most durable, sound-absorbing and easily maintained floor options we have today. Tiles are warm underfoot which makes it such a comfort to walk on, turning your bedroom into a sleek yet comfy place.
  3. Laminate Flooring

    Another flooring option would be to have laminate flooring. Inexpensive, durable, and easily installed and maintained. If time may be a factor for you, laminate flooring only takes about a day or two for it to be fully installed due to its puzzle-like pieces.
  4. Light Fixtures

    Other than adding light into your bedroom, light fixtures now come in various styles and SMART tech to help you ease and relax into bed much better. With this, you can jazz up your space into a sleek, modern look.
  5. Vanity Space

    Having a vanity space may not be a need for most homeowners but it is a good space to have while getting ready for the day.
  6. Accent Walls

    From wallpaper to paint to textured walls, accent walls are great features to have in larger bedrooms to help create more dynamic and character. Having wallpapers or texture on walls not only add depth into your space, it is also a great DIY room decor to do for all you DIY-loving homeowners out there! A new house renovation project to add on the list, perhaps?
  7. Adding Storage Space

    A lot of the time, when it comes to bedroom renovation, many homeowners find themselves needing more space. Especially in smaller bedrooms. A popular small bedroom idea would be to change or add a storage headboard. Additionally, it doubles up as your bed headboard while you sleep.
  8. Mirrors

    Another edition to the small room ideas would be to add mirrors! Specifically a large one as the bigger it is, the more room it will appear to create. It is an illusion no doubt, but it does help make your smaller bedroom more spacious and airy. For example, if you place a mirror reflecting your window, you can bring in more natural light or even lush greenery into your room. Not to mention, it can be a cute room decor as well.
  9. Add a Living Touch  

    Speaking of lush greenery, why not add some of these little pots of life into your room? If you are the type of homeowner who leans into a simple bedroom design or somewhat minimalistic in style and colour, vibrant greens can help elevate your space further as it creates a nice contrast.
  10. A Vintage Statement Piece

    Last but not least a vintage statement piece. It could be anything! An intricate chest to place your gadgets in or an old lamp as a bedroom decoration perhaps. Adding these statement pieces can not only add character and individuality in your personal space but also promotes sustainability. 

Let’s answer some of the most asked questions by many homeowners: 

  • How do I transform my bedroom?

    Transforming your bedroom does not have to be a life-changing ordeal as most movies set it out to be. While bedroom renovations can get troublesome and messy at certain times, it can also be therapeutic and calming as you have total control over your space. Take it a step at a time! 

    Begin with small changes such as rearranging your furniture to avoid cluttering or replacing old knobs and handles with metal ones for a nice classic touch. Gradually, you can start planning for bigger and permanent changes once you are ready.

    To really transform your bedroom is to transform your floor covering. Your floor takes up the majority of your space which naturally transforms the entire outlook. Once that is settled, bed decor will come in to help compliment your space even more. 
  • How can I renovate my bedroom cheaply?

    Many homeowners might feel that transforming bedroom floors may cost a huge chunk out of their budget but we are here to tell you that it really does not! Nowadays, there are many inexpensive options that not only look beautiful but last for many years to come.

    Most modern bedroom ideas lean towards a minimalistic look and feel that is yet comfortable and relaxing. This can be easily achieved through affordable flooring options such as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and comfy carpet tiles.
  • How can I make my bedroom look better?

    This can be subjective to each individual but ideally one’s bedroom should feel relaxing to wake and return to everyday. Thus, it is important to add room decorations that can help create your chosen bedroom mood and feel. 
  • How can I make my bedroom look more expensive?

    Looking expensive can look different to many homeowners. Some may feel hanging abstract pieces of art above their bed may help add an expensive touch while others may think changing their old, worn out floors into something sleek such as vinyl could be the solution.

    Transforming your floors will create the most impact for your space. With the vast flooring options available now, finding the best one that helps reflect a lush and luxurious outlook to come home and wake up to has never been easier.

Where can you find your flooring options for your renovation?

Together with Jupps Flooring, we will be able to help solve your bedroom renovation needs. We have a wide variety of floor options to choose from and a readily available team of experts to help consult you with whatever concerns or questions you may have. Drop us an enquiry here today!