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Company statements are made in various ways and the one that might stick with your visitors is your office flooring – provided it is of quality, properly installed and well maintained.

Broadloom carpeting is a solution that allows you to combine looks and performance while creative a productive atmosphere for your employees. It only requires regular vacuum cleaning, one of the easiest flooring type to maintain. Commercial carpeting is generally durable, but if you are foreseeing heavy traffic, then opt for a higher grade so you can avoid traffic pattern from appearing and make it last even longer.

In addition to creating a professional atmosphere, it also creates a productive environment for your employees as it will reduce the on-going noises, like phone calls, conversations, printers and colleagues walking by.

Jupps Floor Coverings can supply and install commercial grade broadloom carpet solutions for all applications. We have a wide range of brand and product options available to suit any needs. Speak to one of our friendly reps to get advice on the right solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to install?

Installation times for commercial carpet installations are generally lower than some other types of flooring. The time taken depends on the size and environment. Speak to a rep to get exact turnaround times.

Q. Can you do it room by room?

Yes, depending on the size and locality.

Q. Can you vacuum it?

Yes, you can use low powered vacuuming.

Q. Is it fire safe?

The flooring can release toxic chemicals into the air if burnt.

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Jupps specialises in designing flooring solutions for all use types and applications. Ask one of our friendly advisers for the right fit.

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    We can advise you on the right solution is for your application.
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