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Carpet tiles is the go-to flooring solutions for most offices.

Interlocking commercial carpet tiles are easy to maintain as you have the possibility to replace only the damaged tiles over time – resulting in lower ongoing maintenance cost than the broadloom carpet one. It is also one of the easiest flooring options to install.

The variety of designs carried by Jupps, allows you to choose from rather conservative styles to edgier options – such as mix and matching colours and shapes – so it suits the mood of your commercial settings or even corporate colours. To top it up, carpet muffles noise, a feature to keep in mind if you are after peaceful work atmosphere, appropriate for productivity.

Jupps Floor Coverings are the preferred commercial carpet suppliers and installers for all flooring needs in Perth. We have a wide range of commercial grade carpet tiles for all applications at a reasonable price.
Contact our helpful team for advice. We are happy to assist you during the preparation stage and the installation.

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Poured – Shale

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Pacific Collection – Waimea – Volcanic

Pacific Collection – Taharuu – Bedrock

Pacific Collection – Piha – Reef

Primary – Khaki

Primary – Slate

Primary – Storm Cloud

Primary – Dove Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to install carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles can be installed in relatively lower timeframes than other flooring types. The exact time depends on the size and environment. One of our reps can give you exact turnaround times for your installation.

Q. Can you do it room by room?

Yes, depending on the size and locality.

Q. Can you vacuum it?

Yes, you can use low powered vacuuming.

Q. Is it fire safe?

The flooring can release toxic chemicals into the air if burnt.
Roman Exilite

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