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If you’re still asking the question, what is commercial carpet tiles? We have the answers.

Interlocking carpet tiles has become a Perth favourite amongst business owners who are looking for a floor covering that is both affordable and practical.

Commercial grade carpet tiles are very soft and comfortable underfoot, advanced stain resistance, easy to maintain and allow you to replace damaged tiles individually rather than having to replace an entire section. 

Over time, this results in lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Carpet material also improves on office acoustics by effectively reducing office noise and footsteps and increasing productivity with less distractions.

As a slip and scratch resistant material, carpet quickly becomes one of the safest floor coverings for commercial spaces that have children.

Is it time to replace your flooring?

Jupps Floor Coverings Perth carries a wide range of designs, textures, and colours suited for all applications including Health Care centres, Schools, Aged Care facilities, and office spaces.

Our expert interior designers are with you from start to finish, helping you choose from conservative styles to more edgier options such as mixing and matching colours and shapes to suit the mood of your setting.

As Perth’s most preferred commercial grade carpet supplier and installer, contact Jupps Floor Coverings for all your flooring needs in Perth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to install carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles can be installed in relatively lower timeframes than other flooring types. The exact time depends on the size and environment. One of our reps can give you exact turnaround times for your installation.

Q. Can you do it room by room?

Yes, depending on the size and locality.

Q. Can you vacuum it?

Yes, you can use low powered vacuuming.

Q. Is it fire safe?

The flooring can release toxic chemicals into the air if burnt.
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Not sure what you're looking for?

Jupps specialises in designing flooring solutions for all use types and applications. Ask one of our friendly advisers for the right fit.

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    We can advise you on the right solution is for your application.
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    All applications can be accommodated with a customised solution.
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