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Vinyl has lately been the subject of a newly found appreciation as it has evolved in textures, styles and come with features that are undeniably convenient for commercial settings.
This popular flooring is waterproof, low maintenance and can withstand heavy traffic – qualities that are major concerns for a business owner who is after a solution that will stand the test of time. Hard surface like vinyl will also make the space look larger.

Design-wise, vinyl can now be in roll or even in tiles, well mimicking the aspect of any type of wood or stone, for a lesser cost.

Jupps Floor Coverings has a wide range of commercial and industrial vinyl products you can pick from, available for all applications. Our dedicated team is able to help you make a decision, facilitate the complete preparation and installation of a flooring solution that's appropriate for your facility requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to install?

Installation times for vinyl flooring are generally lower than some other types of flooring. The time taken depends on the size and environment. Speak to a rep to get exact turnaround times.

Q. Can you do it room by room?

Yes, depending on the size and locality.

Q. Can you vacuum it?

Yes, you can use low powered vacuuming.

Q. Is it fire safe?

Vinyl can release toxic chemicals into the air if burnt.

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Jupps specialises in designing flooring solutions for all use types and applications. Ask one of our friendly advisers for the right fit.

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