Polished concrete makes a great commercial floor

Commercial flooring has changed. The traditional carpet square, while still being a popular choice, is now far from being the only flooring option for businesses. There are now a great many options available that tick all the right boxes, aesthetically pleasing, easily maintained, durable and resilient.  It's been more common to come across wood-look vinyl floors in corporate spaces or even rubber, but the consistently reigning king of commercial flooring is polished concrete, and for many good reasons too.

With an extensive variety of sealers and top coats, including Epoxy Coating, Latex Paint and Polyurethane Coating now available, it has a surprisingly attractive and stylish finish. Polished concrete can suit any interior decor and works with all seasonal trends, providing a flexibility to allow your business to keep on trend, without the risk of clashing with the existing interior fit out and design.

Overall, polished concrete is an extremely versatile way to ensure your commercial space is always looking up to date, without obvious markers or patterns which can date the look of your floor.

Polished concrete also offers something that no other flooring type can compete with – it works in all different types of commercial space. This is where the application of a coating comes in. Arguably, the most popular and practical choice of concrete coating for commercial spaces prone to heavy wear is Epoxy Floor Coating. Not only does it provide a glossy finish that can be etched, stained or coloured to your preference, it can also withstand the harshest of abuse. It’s highly resistant to scratching, chipping and scuffing, and will last up to 2 to 3 years before needing a re-coat. It also provides a protective layer from oil and chemical spills, and other staining liquids.

Other commercial flooring options, such as ceramic tiles and hardwood, are limited in that they suit select spaces only due to their limited durability. Meanwhile, polished concrete can work anywhere from warehouse flooring, retail spaces, to kitchens and other wet areas, as it is highly durable and resistant to water damage, provided it is sealed properly.
This means that you get to cut costs and deal with short installation time a huge benefit to a business which doesn't want to close shop for a few days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is polished concrete easy to maintain?

Polished concrete proves to be easy to maintain in the long run, only requiring a standard broom and damp mopping, with no need for specialised floor cleaning equipment or chemicals. With most finishes having an expected lifespan of 10 years, polished concrete is both durable and economically sensible.

Q. Is concrete flooring convenient for offices?

While being low maintenance, aesthetic and cost-effective, the polished surface reverberates sound. This can make the commercial space louder than it necessarily is. Of course, this can be mitigated with the addition of rugs, plants and soft furnishings, however, it still worth considering if you require your space to be on the quieter side.

Q. Does Jupps pour the concrete?

No, our expert teams can repair, strip-out, polish, grind, cut and coat your concrete flooring. Should you need to get concrete poured and laid, we can work with a decorative concrete company.
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