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Carpet Styles

If you have chosen to go with carpet flooring whether it is for your home or office space then you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of styles of carpet there is to choose from. Each carpet style has its own functionality and understanding what each style can provide is the key to deciding what is going to be the best choice for your space. If you don’t know where to start, Jupps Floor Coverings has got you covered. We have compiled a list of carpet styles for you to consider.

Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpet is a style of carpet that utilizes uncut loops of yarn and is weaved into an up and down pattern. Being a more practical and hard wearing style of carpet, loop pile would be used in areas with high foot traffic as it does not discolour from footprints, hides soil and is very durable. Loop pile carpet comes in 3 variations.

Riverdale-Mohair-Merino-Loop pile-Jupps

Level Loop Carpet

Level Loop Pile Carpet Styles - Jupps-Godfrey-Hirst

Level Loop is constructed from tightly aligned loops at uniform length and is perfect for any high foot traffic areas

Multi-level Loop Carpet

Multi-Level Loop Pile - Carpet Styles - Jupps - Godfrey Hirst

Also referred as high-loop or sculptured loop is a style of carpet made from different pile heights to create a textured appearance. This style of carpet is most suited for medium to high foot traffic areas.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal is created from loops of varying heights in a tighter construction to achieve Straight rows and a stiffer feel to the carpet. Sisal offers durability longevity making it most practical for high foot traffic areas.

Cut Pile Carpet-Header-Cut-Pile-Twist-Mountain-Chalet-Wild-Violet-feltex at Jupps

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is loop pile carpet that has had the piles cut half way through the manufacturing process to achieve a softer and comfortable result. This style would typically be used in lower foot traffic areas including bedrooms and living rooms where we generally prioritize comfort over practicality. There are 2 variations of cut pile carpet.

Cut Pile Plus at Jupps floorcoverings

Cut Pile Plush Carpet

cut pile plush carpet - Carpet Styles - Jupps - Godfrey Hirst

Cut pile plush have the ends of the loops cut off to achieve an even surface providing a soft velvet finish.

Cut Pile Twist carpet-mountain_chalet-cloud_burst-swatch-feltex_carpets

Cut Pile Twist Carpet

Cut pile twist is almost identical to cut pile plush but the tops have been twisted extensively to achieve a more textured look and harder feel. This style of carpet minimizes tracking and shading unlike cut pile plush.

textured loop cut pile-primary_2

Combination Cut and Loop Pile

As simple as it sounds, this style of carpet is extremely versatile and combines the best of both worlds to achieve a durable yet soft to touch surface. There are 2 variations and come in many different designs and patterns.

Level Cut and Loop Pile Evara-Lagos_Evara-06

Level Cut and Loop Pile Carpet

Level cut and loop pile combines level cut and loop pile to achieve a soft to touch and stylish finish but on a linear level. This style of carpet can create an illusion of space in a room and is most suited to living rooms.

Textured Cut and Loop pile Carpet

Textured Cut and Loop Pile Carpet - Carpet Styles Jupps - Godfrey Hirst

Textured cut and loop pile is a particular style that combines level loop and cut pile to achieve a soft and smooth finish with distinctive patterns.