May 7, 2018

Questions To Ask Your Rep Before Choosing Your Flooring Jupps Floor Coverings

Replacing home or office flooring is never an easy task and there are many questions you should consider asking your rep before taking the leap. Here are a few questions that go beyond pricing and available stock that will help you make a sound decision, so your flooring fits your objectives.



Finance related questions

Apart from the actual cost of the flooring, are there any hidden costs?

Depending on the type of flooring you are looking to purchase, it takes time to remove the old flooring and install the new. This could lead to closure of your business for a short time; can you afford to do that? The whole process may involve hiring a labour team to move furniture around, hiring a cleaning team for post-installation or even consider future replacement or refinishing of the flooring.

Don’t be afraid to ask how long the project may take ie: what days of the week, the hours of the day and weekends. This will allow you to plan accordingly for business operational times or accommodation for homes. Be sure to ask these sorts of questions to prevent any unwanted surprises that could tank your bank.

Maintenance related questions

 What type of maintenance does this flooring require?

 You need to consider the maintenance of the flooring you choose and is it suitable for your home or office.

Before you go ahead and order that expensive Italian designer flooring ask your rep can the material be reordered and is it easily obtainable? Then you may want to consider the regular maintenance required to keep your flooring in prime condition.

If your home or office is a high traffic zone then you need to ask what type of traffic rating does the flooring have. With higher traffic brings more wear and tear, spills and stains, which results in more maintenance.

Ask your rep what is suitable for your home or office environment as every climate is different and can lead to different floor types warping, buckling or molding.

Finally, once you have chosen your ideal flooring, be sure to ask what type of warranty and guarantees your rep provides.

Health and wellness related questions

Will this flooring affect the health and wellness of my staff/family? 

Whether it is home or office, it is a good time to ask is it hypoallergenic? Depending on your situation, you would want the best type of flooring that is going to cause the least amount of health issues.
Be sure to ask about special types of flooring that help reduce allergy-aggravating particles which can trigger asthma and other allergy symptoms.

Will the type of flooring retain any smell? This can come from high traffic zones where there is increase for spills and stains to occur which can also lead to slipping hazards – How safe is the flooring?

Also consider the acoustics of the room and how it may affect the noise level in your home or office.

Households related questions

How well does it fare with kids and pets?

Having kids and pets in the house guarantees spills, stains and dirt, you need to consider what type of flooring is going to be easy to clean, resistant to pet hairs, odors and is exceptionally durable and comfortable.  Ensure that it can easily be replaced or at the very least easily maintained.

Aesthetics related questions

Will your flooring be relevant in 5 years?

Whether it is in your home or office, choosing the right floor to stands the test of time could be the difference in how much your house sells for to strengthening your companies brand image. Does your flooring fall in line with your company image and will it be relevant in the future? Does the flooring increase the value of your home? It is important to think ahead of time as it may greatly impact the effect your space intends to convey.


The questions above apply to any types of floor you are considering. We have collected more questions to ask your rep once you have decided that you are after tiles, vinyl or carpet flooring.

If you are in the process of looking for new flooring and have all these unanswered questions, our friendly staff at Jupps has the answers you seek. You can contact our team or head into one of our bo0utiques and they will be happy to assist.