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Vinyl tile flooring looking like a stone

Luxury Vinyl Tile Vs Ceramic Tile

December 23, 2019

We leave no stone unturned as we compare two industry giants in the world of interior design. Once upon a time, there would’ve been zero competition between luxury vinyl and ceramic tile, with the natural beauty of ceramic a clear winner. However, thanks to modern advances in luxury vinyl technology,...

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Vinyl flooring installation methods: glued versus floating

Glue Down Vs Floating Flooring Installations

December 23, 2019

When it comes to selecting the perfect flooring for your home, the installation and application process is equally as important as style and design. The success of your next flooring renovation project or home upgrade can solely depend on the installation method chosen.  Based on the application, choosing the incorrect...

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Passive house design

What Is a Passive House and What Do I Need?

November 4, 2019

A passive house is a construction standard that is energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and environmentally friend all at the same time. As we move towards a greener, more sustainable future, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on energy efficiency, decrease greenhouse gasses, and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint. ...

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Jupps Commercial - LVT LVP

UV and Heat Resistant Floorings That Can Withstand Aussie Summers

October 21, 2019

Choosing the right floor type, for both inside and outside, is a challenge often faced by most Aussie homeowners. You need to consider the amount of foot traffic, moisture, longevity, durability, aesthetics, and even sunlight that each room is exposed to. Let’s focus on sun exposure in particular. The fading...

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heat resistant house material in Australia

Heat Resistant House Materials to Outlast Summer

October 9, 2019

Brace yourselves, summer is coming. The harsh Australian summer is right around the corner, this means scorching hot days, air conditioners running at max capacity, and weekends spent at our beautiful beaches. Before you leave your home each morning, you lather up on the SPF 100+ to make sure you...

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