September 1, 2021

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When you are halfway through a time consuming, costly home renovation or room makeover, the last thing you want is to change your mind on the tiles you chose and have to start again. To avoid this costly change of mind, we recommend completing thorough planning and preparation before commencing any home renovation project. So if you are not yet sure which bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles would look best in your home, this article will help you decide.

So, if you want to understand the different types of tiles in Perth available, the pros and cons of different types of tiles, and the current tile trends and ideas, continue reading.

Choosing Tiles For Different Rooms In Your Home

House tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns and suit specific rooms more than others. Do larger tiles suit smaller rooms? When it comes to feature walls, are smaller tiles better? Here are five tips to help you plan for your home renovation project.

Choosing Kitchen Tiles

Generally, the larger the space, the larger the tiles can be. When choosing kitchen floor tiles for an open plan living space 600x600mm is recommended for a luxury appeal.

As for your kitchen splashback, quickly make a statement with decorative tiles such as a subway tile in a herringbone pattern.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Whilst large tiles can make a small bathroom look bigger, incorporating a feature wall of tiny mosaic tiles makes more of a statement, especially when contrasted with large tiles everywhere else.

We recommend measuring the distance between your shower or bath and vanity to figure out the size of your bathroom and determine what size floor tiles will suit the space better. Combining a strip grate with at least 300x600mm sized tiles will not only prevent water build-up but make your new bathroom look sleek, edge and modern.

Types Of Tiles Available On The Market

You most likely have heard of ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles before, but there are many more different types of tiles available to choose from for your home renovation project. Here is a list of options:

  1. Ceramic Tiles
  2. Glazed Tiles
  3. Lappato Tiles
  4. Limestone Tiles
  5. Natural Stone Tiles
  6. Porcelain Tiles
  7. Textured Tiles
  8. Travertine Tiles
  9. Carpet Tiles
  10. Vinyl Tiles
  11. Glass Tiles

How To Choose Which Tile Is Best For You?


For a more durable floor tile, choose porcelain over ceramic. Even though these two types of tiles look the same, they are not manufactured the same. Porcelain tiles are fired for longer at a higher temperature, resulting in a more durable tile perfect for your new floor tile.


Choose either a natural stone tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, or glass tile for an easier cleaning routine. Due to their non-porous material, these tiles are stain and scratch-resistant and easy to maintain their beautiful look with a quick wash.


There are many styles of house tiles to choose from. For example, you can choose tiles that look like carpet, floorboards, cement, shiny or matte, or tiles that incorporate natural-looking textures and unique patterns.
Choosing which tile is best for you can be made simpler by first deciding on a lighter or darker colour. Lighter bathroom and kitchen tiles with a glossy finish will make small spaces appear brighter, bigger and give a more clean finish. Dark kitchen and bathroom tiles with a matte finish add more drama, elegance and cosiness to a space.

Still not sure which wall and floor tile are best for you? Here are the current tile trends to get the ideas flowing!

Five Tile Trends and Ideas

1. Contrasting Grout

Choosing a darker grout is a popular and affordable way to elevate the simple subway tile. Styled in a herringbone pattern and paired with a darker floor tile, this current trend pops in any colour as a shower or vanity feature wall.

2. Large Grey Slate Tiles

One of the most common bathroom tiles in Perth homes are grey slate due to its timeless and modern appeal. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen for you or to sell in the future, large grey slate tiles will appeal to future renters or buyers for years to come.

3. Green Or Pink Fish Scales

Lately, this new feature wall tile trend has been popping up in many Instagram feeds as the go-to solution to creating an elegant, soft, and pretty statement. Pair with oval gold framed mirrors over double vanity, for a Pinterest worthy bathroom.

4. White Tiles

White bathroom tiles and white grout, paired with chrome or gold tapware, show “less is more” is a design rule worth following.
White textured tiles paired with white hexagon floor tiles create a minimalistic, stunning and modern space.

5. Kit-Kat Tiles

Whether in a gloss or matte finish, these slender tiles have become an increasingly popular tile trend in 2021. Available in various colours that make it easy to design the perfect bathroom tile feature wall or kitchen tile splashback.

How Much Do Different Types Of Tiles Cost Per Square Metre?

Tiling installation varies depending on a few essential factors, such as the tile size. But on average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $120 per square metre for your new tiles in Perth.

Choosing the suitable tiles for the home depending on which room you are installing them in, your durability, cleaning and look preferences and the style you are creating. So whether you are looking for ideas for bathroom tile, kitchen tiles or floor tiles, a Jupps Flooring specialist can help you choose the best one for you.

Jupps Floorcoverings and Tile Boutique in Perth offer an extensive range of tile flooring options, including carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles, to suit every project and budget.

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