Carpet Roll

August 15, 2016

Once you’ve determined that carpet is the best option for your home, you’ve cleared the first hurdle. You might think that choosing colours is your next and final decision, but starting with the type of carpet you want in each space can help determine what your colour and pattern options will be.

Start with your Space Plan

By determining how each space gets used, you can determine which type of carpet is best. Installing the wrong type of carpet can increase maintenance needs and even shorten the life of your flooring.

  • Plush carpets are best reserved for spaces that dont have heavy traffic, or regular food and liquid usage. They require more maintenance and can be hard to remove stains from.
  • Textured and shorter cut carpets work well in multi-use spaces, such as living and dining rooms.
  • Short nap, commercial styles and tight textured carpets work best in utility spaces and high traffic areas.


Next Consider the Feel you Want

Once youve determined the style of carpeting your space requires, think about the ambience you prefer in each space. Carpet can go a long way to creating a feel, or making up for issues with the rooms design.

  • For dramatic effects, choose dark carpets, or high contrast prints the draw the eye and create visual interest.
  • Rooms that feel too big, or small, can be adjusted visually by choosing larger, or smaller prints in your carpet.
  • Light colors help to make rooms feel less closed in and create a more œairy feel for rooms with few windows, or less light.


Finally, Consider your Decor

Once you chosen the type and established the feel you want, its time to get into specific colors and patterns.

  • Start with existing colors in walls and trim, if you intend to keep them.
  • Work important furnishings into your color scheme.
  • You can also let the carpet set the tone and go for a whole new look.


If you need any ideas, browse our a wide range of carpet flooring options. Our team would be happy to assist you with any question you might have regarding your selection and its installation.