Carpet Roll

January 30, 2021

beautifully decorated bedroom with tile flooring

Flooring is an important feature that sets the style in every room. It is no secret that flooring can set up the stage for a luxurious, rustic, contemporary, or industrial appearance.

If you’re here because you wonder what kind of flooring you should go with for your bedroom, we can help you. Ultimately though, it will all come down to your personal preference. There are so many options out there suitable for bedroom that only your personal taste and budget will set them apart.

In this post, we review the latest bedroom flooring trends for your convenience.

Eucalyptus Hardwood

The world is turning towards sustainable and eco-friendly materials, so it is not suprising to see this trend make its way into the flooring industry. Eucalyptus is a fast-growing plant, which makes it the right choice for sustainable flooring. Besides, we must admit that this flooring material looks so modern and versatile.


  • Simple and easy installation process
  • A budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice style
  • Available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and tones. Anyone can find the perfect fit for their interior design style.


  • Eucalyptus hardwood is difficult to find in shops, so you need to do an extended search.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is another eco-friendly alternative for your bedroom flooring. The plant regenarate really fast, making it a popular choice for conscious consumers. Bamboo can comepete with hardwood when it comes to strength and durability.


  • Durable and robust bedroom flooring that doesn’t exclude the refinishing option
  • The process of cleaning is straightforward, as all you need is soap and mop
  • Perfect choice for modern and minimalist bedrooms, as it brings the contemporary aesthetics.


  • Available only in a few shades, so it might not work for your particular colour scheme
  • The modern look might not be the perfect fit for a wide range of styles.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete is trendy for its contemporary finish, making it an excellent choice for bedroom flooring. This smooth and sleek option is perfect for modern, industrial, and contemporary styles. Besides, the non-toxic and dust-resistant flooring is ideal if you suffer from allergies.


  • Sealed concrete prone to scratches and impacts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Many different finishes are available to fit your preference.


  • Concrete is a hard surface, bringing it low on the comfortable flooring list
  • Has a natural tendency to crack.

Tile Flooring

beautifully decorated bedroom with tile flooring

Although they are rarely used in bedrooms, tiles are still an available option. If you live in an area where temperatures can get scorching hot, this would be a great pick. If you are into Morrocan, Mediterranean, or Tuscan style, tiles could be a perfect fit.


  • There are plenty of colours and patterns available
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Can be painted for a quick update.


  • Tiles can be pretty cold, so they are recommended for areas with warm climates.


If you wish to wake up and step on a comfy and fluffy surface, carpet is the most comfortable option.

When shopping for carpeting, you will find out about these carpet styles:

  • Cut pile is manufactured by cutting the fibre loops. This creates an upright pile that has a versatile and elegant aesthetics
  • Loop pile features uncut fibres looped through the carpet backing, resulting in a smooth and uniform look.

Loop pile is a preferred choice for high-traffic areas, and your bedroom isn’t one. When you prefer to bring a luxurious and versatile feeling, go for a cut pile.


  • Provides Thermal insulation and feels warm on the feet
  • Absorb sounds and keep a quiet environment
  • Inexpensive bedroom flooring option for the value it provides
  • Offers high levels of safety. Therefore, it is recommended for children or elderly.


  • More complicated maintenance process, as stains are difficult to remove
  • Most carpet types trap dust and allergens, making it a wrong choice for people with respiratory issues Even the vacuuming won’t be able to remove the allergens that have gathered deep in the backing
  • There are no recycling options.

Wood Flooring

No other option can match the beauty of wood flooring. The natural texture adds warmth and cosiness, making it a perfect choice for bedroom flooring.

It is available in two options: engineered and solid wood. Engineered wood is constructed of a few layers of wood veneers, while solid wood is made of a single piece.

Tip: wood flooring is available in parquet, strips, and planks. Keep in mind that planks and stripes are the most popular choices for bedroom flooring.


  • Warm and durable material
  • Available in different finishes available, depending on your preference and the mood you want to set
  • Increases the home’s resale value. It is a positive feature on the real estate market, so expect to gain an advantage when listing your property
  • Easy to clean and remove the allergens.


  • Costly bedroom flooring option, when compared to other choices
  • The sturdy surface increases the risk of injuries when falling
  • Wooden floors can be quite noisy.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a cheaper alternative to wood flooring. However, it is made of plastic and has a wood print. No matter what your current style is, there are lots of textures and tones to choose from.


  • Simple and easy installation process, making it an excellent DIY project
  • Cheap alternative to wood flooring
  • Many designs and styles to choose from, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit.


  • The laminate is prone to scratching
  • The hard surface increases the risk of injuries when falling. Avoid if you have older adults and children in the household
  • Can’t be repaired and refinished
  • The plastic material has a cheap look, compared to other bedroom flooring options available.

When you are familiar with all the options and their pros and cons, then bring in your budget and personal taste to make a final decision. Talk to us if you need any help along the way or when you’re ready to buy and install the type of flooring you have picked.