Carpet Roll

December 17, 2018

With endless possibilities, choosing the right carpet for your home or office can be an overwhelming experience. First off, picking the right colour to match your interior is like trying to colour coordinate a bag of skittles blindfolded.

You then need to consider quality, thickness and style of how the carpet has been cut. Just when you thought it was all over, it’s time to decide whether you want plain or patterned carpet. To make the whole process easier, we have outlined the pros and cons for plain versus patterned carpet:

Why choose plain carpet?

When in doubt, go plain. Plain carpet is the safest and most traditional option for all spaces including residential and commercial. Plain carpet can provide a sophisticated and minimalistic touch to a room without overpowering your furniture or interior design. One of its key features is being able to increase the depth of a room, making it an ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms and office space.

Luxury Carpet - Godfrey Hirst


  1. Cleaning and maintenance can be easily done without damaging the colour or pile.
  2. Quite versatile and works well with the overall theme of the room.
  3. Plain carpet provides a timeless option that does not go out of style.
  4. Can be used to make a room or office look larger by expanding its depth.



  1. Lighter shades will show up marks easily.
  2. Stains are more visible on light shades.
  3. Plain carpet can be quite dull and boring.


Why choose patterned carpet?

When you think of patterned carpet the words ‘old fashion’ probably come to mind but that isn’t always the case. Patterned carpets can be highly beneficial to a space, and in fact can transform a boring old room into a contemporary and fashionable icon by being the standout feature. With a multitude of modern designs available including stripes, swirls and shapes, patterned carpets can provide a stylish look to withstand the test of time. Patterned carpets work particularly well with more traditional styles of rooms that are quite neutral in colour by bringing out its character and complimenting the interior. It is most suited to areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and offices, where vertical stripes can visually enhance the size of the room.



  1. Heavily and light patterned styles can help mask stains in high foot traffic areas.
  2. Compliments contemporary decor and traditional style rooms or homes.
  3. Can be used as a stand out feature for plain and neutral rooms.
  4. Higher quality patterns and styles provide a luxurious finish.
  5. Quite versatile and can be used for residential and commercial purposes.



  1. Patterned carpets may appear worn out over time in high foot traffic areas such as hallways or stairs.
  2. Depending on the pattern, it can overpower the overall look of a room.
  3. Can be quite difficult to match furniture and interior design.
  4. Patterned carpets can also limit your future furnishings.